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About Debt Wise

Leena Van Wyk saw the need to launch a debt counselling firm around 10 years ago.

While working at a debt collection company, Leena noticed the heavy burden and stress that debt leaves on people, which is attributed to a poor-quality life. When the National Credit Act which introduced debt counselling came about, this signalled good news.

Leena knew that people would finally be assisted and backed by the law. They could manage debt and still keep their possessions while maintaining a better-quality life. The Debt Wise Group family will ensure they go the extra mile when dealing with your situation and concerns.

Major growth in the finance field for Debt Wise

Over the years, Leena experienced major growth in the finance field, facing challenges head-on and consistently pushing to make her brand a success.

Her persistence paid off, and as of late, she was acknowledged as the number one leader in the debt review field. She’s ranked in the top 5 of the debt counselling awards category.

Be proactive and do the right thing

Being acknowledged by the NCR, creditors and other debt counsellors have boosted Debt Review Group's confidence to continue helping South Africans recover from debt and acquire financial prosperity.

Their slogan, “deal with your debt before it deals with you”, speaks of being proactive and doing the right thing if you’re struggling to make ends meet.

Debt Wise’s mission and focus strategy

With well-informed and passionate professionals in place, you can be rest assured your financial matters will be resolved promptly.

Care and compassion drive them to go above and beyond their call of duty. To keep you secure, they’ll ensure your information is kept private and confidential. They may, with your consent, reveal it to third parties if necessary.

Wellness programme for companies and their staff

The Debt Wise Group offers a wellness programme that specifically targets employees in an organisation. The goal is to be more clued up about having a budget and how they can improve their credit rating.

Employees who’re less stressed about money perform better and have fewer cases of absenteeism. The Debt Wise Group makes use of digital presentations when presenting their wellness course at your preferred location.

Debt Wise Services

If you’re living on just the bare minimum, today could be the day it all ends.

Debt Wise Group has you covered, offering a debt relief strategy that can help you and many other South Africans.

This can make substantial changes to your finances in order to stop, slow and reverse debt. Debt Wise Group has an effortless and simple plan just for you.

Bonus points for undergoing Debt review

  • A single affordable monthly instalment that covers all your debt.
  • You can be free from debt in up to 5 years.
  • Your possessions are protected from repossession.
  • Lower debt instalments.
  • Negotiated interest fees.
  • Legal support from professionals.
  • Around-the-clock availability of expert consultants.

5 ways to rescue your budget

  1. You need to complete a no-obligation assessment either via email or online. It won’t take you long to complete. The Debt Wise Group needs all your information to determine your finances and see where you’re financially standing.
  2. A free, no-obligation quote is presented to you. This quote outlines all your financial burdens, and you’ll then be helped to create a payment arrangement that you can afford.
  3. You need to accept the quote. Immediately after accepting a quote from Debt Wise Group, you’ll be placed under debt review. All your creditors will be notified while you’re protected by the NCA.
  4. Pay one low payment. When you’re under the Debt Relief strategy from Debt Wise Group, you’ll be offered a reduced payment arrangement.
  5. Achieve mental stability, which means you can live your best life knowing your debt is sorted out.

What separates Debt Wise from other debt review companies?

  • Best service guaranteed
  • Supportive and experienced employees
  • Available nationwide
  • More than a decade’s industry experience
  • Publicly recognised at the debt counselling awards
  • Know when to say no

The trick to staying out of debt is to recognise when you’re saying yes way too often. Every time you’re offered new credit, simply refuse it.

You need to start from the root cause, and you can get yourself out from there. The more you say no, the sooner you’ll be in control of your finances and be debt free. It’s all about self-discipline and willpower.

Debt Wise – Debt Counselling

  • Loan Type Debt Review

Benefits of Debt Wise

  • Free online debt assessments
  • One affordable monthly repayment
  • Negotiations with creditors on your behalf

3 ways to complete your debt review application

  1. You need to complete the online assessment.
  2. You can download the application form on their website and fill it out.
  3. You can book a session on Zoom.

What debts are covered under debt review?

If you’ve taken up a loan or credit from lending and financial institutions, those are the types of debts that are allowed to be placed under debt review.

Also, accounts from retail stores such as clothing accounts, or phone contract accounts can be included. Your car finance, credit cards, and any kind of loan or credit that’s been provided to you, depending on the outstanding amounts.

7 parts to Debt Wise Group online assessment

  • Part 1. Asks you for your personal details.
  • Part 2. Spouse’s personal details if married in Community of Property.
  • Part 3. Information about your budget.
  • Part 4. Single application if married out of Community of Property.
  • Part 5. Information about how much you pay for each credit provider.
  • Part 6. Information about debt review you’ve undergone previously.
  • Part 7. What has contributed to you being over-indebted?

Thereafter, you’ll be asked to submit the latest copies of:

  • Your ID number
  • Your payslip
  • Spouse’s ID number
  • Spouse’s payslip

It takes 5 days for Debt Wise Group to notify your creditors that you’re under debt review

When you’re under debt review, your important possessions such as your car and house are protected, however, you need to act with haste before things get out of hand.

It takes the Debt Wise Group five business days to notify your credit providers that you’ve applied for Debt review. According to the law, this now means all communication with you should cease and be directed to the Debt Wise Group.

man holding thumbs up

Debt Wise is a trusted & reliable provider of debt review

In our review, Debt Wise adheres to the compliance criteria in accordance with the National Credit Act, where the granting the loan will not cause financial distress to the consumer.

✅ Debt Wise is a registered credit provider in South Africa: NCRDC652

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