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About SA Debt Help

SA Debt Help is a small and thriving debt counselling agency. They’re registered with the National Credit Regulator and proudly deliver debt review services to South Africans across the country.

Based in Melville, Johannesburg, SA Debt Help has been operating for more than 10 years and is growing from strength to strength.

They’ve helped many South Africans take control of their lives and debt and can help you with their expertise, care, and experience.

Debt review that's 100% confidential 

SA Debt Help offers you a completely secure and confidential debt review application process. You can rely on them to protect your personal information and never reveal this to third parties.

Transparency as a non-negotiable

One thing that SA Debt Help will not negotiate on is transparency. Their application form is available on their website with the full costs, and terms and conditions attached to applying for debt review.

In addition to offering debt review services, they can also offer you income and retrenchment insurance that will pay out a set amount for a period of six months.

Debt review is not a one-size fits all

SA Debt Review makes it clear that debt counselling is not a viable option for everyone. Not only must your debts qualify for debt review but, there may be instances when some creditors will not agree to have your debt with them included.

This is why it’s crucial to work with an experienced debt counsellor like SA Debt Help to make sure it’s for you and that it’s set up the right way.

SA Debt Help Services

SA Debt Help provides quality debt review services that are designed to help you get your debts under control.

If you want to reduce the cost of debt, free up some of your income for living expenses, and protect your assets, debt review can help you do it.

The cost of debt review with SA Debt Help

  • R350 application and consultation fee (R300 for rejected applications)
  • First month’s payment as a restructuring fee (capped at R8,000 for one person and R9,000 for a couple)
  • 5% of the debt review payment per month as an after-care fee (capped at R450) for two years followed by a reduced fee of 3%
  • 3% of the debt review payment per month to the Payment Distribution Agency (capped at 500)
  • A reckless credit application will cost you R1,500

Retrenchment and income cover options

  • For R60 per month, you receive R5,000 for six months
  • R90 gives for R10,000 for a period of six months
  • A premium of R120 per month will deliver R15,000 a month for six months

Why choose debt review

  • To protect your home, car, and household goods
  • So that you can become free of debt and exit the vicious debt cycle
  • Have more income available for daily living expenses
  • Stop creditors from harassing you
  • Your debts are easier to manage since you only have to make one payment

SA Debt Help – Debt Counselling

  • Loan Type Debt Review

Benefits of SA Debt Help

  • Improve your cash flow
  • Protection against creditors
  • Lower interest rates
  • Online debt assessment

Get in touch with SA Debt Help and apply for debt review

You can visit SA Debt Help’s website to download and complete their debt review application form or request a callback. You can also contact them telephonically or send them an email.

Who should apply for debt review?

If you’re struggling to repay your debts and cover your living expenses, have made some late payments or even skipped payments, you may be over-indebted.

As someone who is over-indebted, you have the right to request the assistance of a debt counsellor and apply for a debt review. SA Debt Help will restructure your debt and negotiate with your creditors to lower the interest rate and fees charged.

What happens after you apply

Once you’ve applied and SA Debt Help has restructured and negotiated your debts, the new budget will be made an order of the court. Your creditors will not be able to take any legal action against you and should not contact you.

You’ll then continue to make a single repayment every month to a Payment Distribution Agency (PDA) as per regulations. They will send you an invoice every month to show how the amount has been distributed.

Once you’ve repaid all the debts according to the plan, you’ll be clear of debt and will be issued with a clearance certificate. You will also be able to apply for credit once this process is complete.

Documents to have on hand when applying

  1. The SA Debt Help application was filled out
  2. The signed Power of Attorney which will be provided to you
  3. A debit order authorisation form will also be provided to you
  4. A copy of your South African ID
  5. Your most recent payslips

If you’re married in the Community of Property, your spouse's ID and payslips will also be required. It is only once SA Debt Help receives all the documents mentioned will they finalise your debt review application.

When you apply for debt review SA Debt Help will run a credit check as part of the process and by contacting them with a view to applying for debt counselling you agree to it.

The SA Debt Help application form

You must complete the seven-part application form in full and provide your personal details, income and expenses overview, and details of your current debts.

  • Your personal details
  • If you're married your spouse’s details
  • A list of any dependants
  • Your personal details
  • A list of your debts and creditors
  • Information regarding previous debt review
  • The reason you’re applying for debt counselling

SA Debt Help Contact

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