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About Credit Salvage

Are you looking for a debt review provider that is experienced and can help you get out of debt through a tried-and-tested method?

Credit Salvage has been registered to provide debt counselling services since 2013 but has been in the finance space since 2006. Their extensive industry experience allows them to provide you with the best support and tailored services to help you get a handle on your finances.

A personalised service you can trust

They are registered debt counselling service providers and members of the debt counselling association. By taking a personalised approach to each client to ensure they receive the most suitable, and effective service.

They’ve received many positive reviews from previous clients complimenting their personal approach, excellent customer service, and always willing to go the extra mile. They are truly interested in helping South Africans who are overwhelmed by debt ease their burden and become financially free.

Where is Credit Salvage based?

Credit Salvage is based in Randburg but is able to help you get your debt under control regardless of where you live. This is because they can operate online and set up and manage the process for you remotely.

So forget trying to juggle multiple loans and creditors, and get some much-needed help from a professional company that truly cares about helping you reach your financial goals, starting with your debts.

Why debt counselling?

If you’re struggling to manage multiple debts, and simply don't have enough money to cover all of your debts from one month to the next, debt counselling can offer you a solution.

The reason that debt counselling is so successful is that creditors like yourself are able to receive professional support and have the process regulated by the National Credit Act. Credit Salvage can use their industry connections and expertise to help you navigate your debt situation and bring it to a positive conclusion.

This means that debt counselling service providers can only charge you for the services as per regulations. This protects you and all consumers from being over-charged and taken advantage of.

Credit Salvage Services

Debt review has become increasingly popular over the years among over-indebted South Africans as it is one of the only ways to quickly and effectively stop creditors from taking further legal action against you for not paying your debts.

Since the process is regulated by the National Credit Act, almost all providers of debt counselling providers will follow similar processes to help you.

The first step is for a debt counsellor to review your finances and determine whether or not you can be considered over-indebted and therefore undergo debt counselling. If so, your counsellor will review all of your debts and create a new repayment plan.

They will contact your creditors and negotiate your debts according to the new repayment plan. Once all of your creditors have agreed this new payment plan will be made an order of the court.

Struggling with your credit?

In addition to debt counselling services, Credit Salvage also attends to the removal of Judgements and Default Listings, as well as trace alerts.

If you have any ongoing problems with your credit, Credit Salvage has the expertise to help you resolve them. This will happen in the shortest possible time frame.

Been turned down for credit?

If you've made a credit application, be it for a home, car or personal loan, and have been refused, Credit Salvage can help. You can complete their credit repair application online and one of their experts will be in touch.

Don’t let your credit report stop you from reaching important life and financial goals, get the help that you need to set things straight!

As soon as you complete an application form, Credit Salvage will get to work on the credit clearing process and will keep you updated on their progress.

Credit Salvage – Debt Counselling

  • Loan Type Debt Review

Benefits of Credit Salvage

  • Debt counselling
  • Debt mediation and negotiation
  • Budgeting advice and financial education
  • Legal protection from creditors

Complete your debt review application online

Since Credit Salvage is able to assist you regardless of where you reside, you can apply for debt review entirely online. You simply need to visit their website and start the process.

This process involves a number of steps that will be initiated and managed by a debt counsellor that’s assigned to help you.

Documents you will need:

  • Your South Africa ID document or Smart ID Card
  • Most recent bank statements
  • Recent payslips
  • All credit agreements and details

Once your Credit Salvage debt counsellor has all the relevant details they will be able to accurately access whether or not you’re overindebted and then create a new budget that will be more suited to your current income and expenses.

They will do this by contacting all of your creditors, informing them that you intend to begin the debt review process and arranging that your debts and repayments are adjusted according to the new budget.

Once your debt counsellor contacts the major credit bureaus in the country, your profile will make a note of this and you will no longer be able to access credit.

Making your repayment plan an order of court

Once you and your creditors have agreed to the new repayment plan, this will be made a court order. You will then make one payment to a Payment Distribution Agency every month.

The PDA will then make the individual payments to each of your creditors as per the agreement. Only once all of your debts are repaid in full as per the court order will you be able to receive a clearance certificate.

Don't want to fill in an application form online?

If you prefer to have someone help you complete Form 16 for debt review or just apply for credit clearing, you can fill in a contact form on their website and someone will get in touch to get the ball rolling.

Credit Salvage Contact

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