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About Debt Review Centre

Debt Review Centre are a small team of debt counsellors offering expert debt counselling services across South Africa.

They’re committed to helping you get out of debt through the tried-and-tested process of debt counselling. This process involves negotiating with your creditors, putting a new repayment plan together and ensuring that everything is solidified by court order.

Why choose Debt Review Centre

Many of Debt Review Centre’s clients have reviewed the service they’ve received and have been completely satisfied, leaving gleaming 5-star reviews.

This is because DRC has a very capable team of registered debt counsellors, a solid process designed to ensure success and mutually beneficial relationships with major industry players.

When dealing with Debt Review Centre you can rest assured that you're dealing with a reputable company that has helped thousands of South Africans get out of debt successfully.

They’re also committed to ensuring that they share information and provide quality advice to clients who are struggling with their finances.

Whether you decide to undergo debt review, you can rest assured that you’ll leave the interaction with Debt Review Centre as an empowered individual. From their informative blogs to their detailed explanation of the debt review process, you’ll be pleased to interact with them.

How to choose a good debt counsellor

Debt Review Centre recommend that you put some thought into choosing a debt counsellor to ensure you’re paired up with someone that will ensure the process runs smoothly and efficiently.

To do this you should make sure the debt counsellor is registered, that they’re available when needed, and that they have the experience and knowledge to do their job well.

Debt Review Centre is proud of the fact that when you deal with their firm, you will be assigned a debt counsellor for the duration of the process. This will make you more comfortable and ensure you build a relationship with the person taking care of you.

Debt Review Centre Services

The most obvious reason to choose debt counselling is that your creditors will be unable to take action against you, potentially saving any assets that you may have. It also helps you reduce the total amount that you pay towards debts.

Debt counselling is regulated by the National Credit Act and, the fees that a debt counselling agency can charge you are also regulated. You can, therefore, rest assured that you are protected in all respects.

Here is a list of debt counselling benefits

  • Reduce amounts owed to various creditors with lower interest rates
  • You no longer have to deal with your creditors
  • Your repayments are structured to allow you more breathing room to cover living expenses
  • There will be a set date on which your debts will be repaid
  • Benefit from lower credit life insurance premiums
  • Rest assured that, given time and commitment, you'll become debt free
  • You only have to make one monthly instalment
  • Your assets are protected

Debt Review Centre’s 6-step process

  • Use their free online calculator: use DRC’s online calculator to find out how much you’ll be able to save if you opt for debt counselling.
  • Book a free consultation with a registered debt counsellor. All consultations are free and confidential.
  • Ready to apply? You can now apply for debt counselling online. This process has been designed to be as quick and simple as possible. Your debt counsellor will then take care of everything from this point forward.
  • Once your new repayment plan is approved by you and your creditors, you can start making this single monthly repayment to a Payment Distribution Agency (PDA) and it will be made an order of court.
  • After making your repayments as agreed you will exit debt review and receive a certificate of clearance. This also entitles you to apply for and be granted credit.

Debt Review Centre – Debt Counselling

  • Loan Type Debt Review

Benefits of Debt Review Centre

  • Debt restructuring
  • Debt mediation
  • Credit report analysis
  • Budgeting advice 

Apply for debt counselling online with DRC

Debt Review Centre offer you access to their quick and simple online debt review application form.

This five-step form has been designed to gather all of the relevant information that your debt counsellor will need to determine the following:

  • If you qualify for debt counselling
  • Who your creditors are and how much you owe each of them
  • The total amount of debt that you have
  • Your income and expenses
  • The ideal repayment plan for you

Once it has been established that you will benefit from debt counselling, your debt counsellor will gather more information, if needed, and then put together a debt repayment plan.
Important things to take note of

While under debt review you will not be able to access further credit. In addition, if you want to exit debt review prior to repaying all of your debts you will have to make an application to withdraw. This entails proving that you are no longer over-indebted.

You should also note that debt counselling is not a viable solution for everyone and there are certainly other, less invasive ways of dealing with it. These methods, however, will require a great deal of effort and commitment from you and may be difficult to observe if you find managing your finances to be a serious challenge.

Another reality is that many people simply cannot get out of the debt cycle until they are forced to, mostly because of a complete financial collapse or, because they’ve decided to undergo debt review to save their assets.

Debt review is also not ideal for someone going through a temporary financial crisis. If, for instance, you’ve had an emergency expense and this has caused you to be unable to fully furnish all of your debts, then you should rather contact your creditors directly and explain your situation to them.

In most cases they will be willing to help you out and arranging an alternative payment option to help you get through your difficulties.

Need a bit more information?

If you need mor einformation before committing to debt counselling and completing the online application form you can chat to a debt counsellor online via Debt Review Centre’s website.

You can also browse their website to find out more and review their list of frequently asked questions.

Debt Review Centre Contact

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