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About Master your Money

Master Your Money is based in Greenacres, Port Elisabeth but provides expert debt review services across the country.

The man behind the Master Your Money brand

Shaun Zeelie is not only the company’s director but also a highly experienced debt counsellor that’s helped many people through difficult financial situations. If you’re currently struggling with debt and are searching for a way to get out of it, Shaun and his company Master Yoru Money can help.

Debt review is regulated by statute, and as a legally regulated process can be relied on to help you get, and stay, out of debt for good.

One of the best-rated small debt counselling practices

Master your Money has been named one of the top 10 small debt counselling agencies by the Debt Review Awards for a number of years. Shaun was also named a top Small Business Debt Counsellor.

Master your Money Services

Master Your Money is a provider of debt review services in accordance with the National Credit Act. The purpose of debt review is to assist you to overcome overindebtedness by restructuring your debt.

A debt counsellor is a professional that can assist you in determining whether debt review is ideal for your situation, and communicate with your creditors to negotiate better rates and longer repayment terms.

Choose Master Your Money to help you recover from debt

If your debt repayments have gotten out of control, and you simply cannot cover them, you may be overindebted.

Debt review will ensure that you make only one, more affordable, monthly payment to a Payment Distribution Agency (PDA).

This not only makes your debt more affordable but easier to manage in both the short and long term.

Master your Money – Debt Counselling

  • Loan Type Debt Review

Benefits of Master your Money

  • Reduced interest rates
  • Lower debt repayments

Complete the Master Your Money call back form

To find out if you qualify for debt review you can complete Master Your Money’s call back form. You can also contact them via their mobile number or contact them on WhatsApp.

The debt review process

Once you contact Master Your Money you’ll be asked to provide a rundown of your income and expenses so that they can determine whether you’re over-indebted.

If it appears that you’ll benefit from debt review, you’ll need to complete a formal application. Your debt counsellor will contact your creditors to inform them of your intentions to apply for debt review and certificates of balance will be requested.

Your status of under debt review will be updated at the credit bureaus. Once all the certificates of balance have been received your debt counsellor will create a new repayment plan and submit this to your creditors. Once agreed upon, the repayment plan is made an order of court.

What your creditors can no longer do

Your creditors should no longer make any attempt to contact you to recover repayment and debts. All communication should be done through Master Your Money. Your creditors can also no longer take legal action against you, thus protecting your assets.

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