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RD Debt Counselling

  • Reduced Monthly Repayments
  • Legal Protection
  • Lower Interest Rates

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About RD Debt Counselling

RD Debt Counselling boasts a team of dedicated registered debt counsellors based in Benoni, Johannesburg.

They officially launched in 2008. Since then, they’ve been assisting South Africans to achieve financial security in the shortest time. They help you minimise and restructure your debts into a more manageable monthly payment.

Specialists in protecting your valuables 

RD Debt Counselling’s area of focus includes protecting your two most prized possessions - your car and home.

They provide private and confidential consultations, which can also be done through email or by phone. Giving you the confidence that whatever you share with your debt counsellor stays between the both of you.

What can you expect from RD Debt Counselling?

RD Debt Counselling not only specialises in debt review, but they also help you clear your credit record and aid many organisations with a wellness programme. To legally protect you from your creditors, RD Debt Counselling obtain a court order for the newly arranged amount that you now have to pay.

Where do you stand financially?

The most important thing is for you to know where you stand financially, while also figuring out what potential risks you face. The RD Debt Counselling team will provide you with a private assessment that details all their recommendations. This is normally sent via email.

Healthy financial choices are crucial, so you should always try to live within your means. Be disciplined and know how to spot the difference between your needs and wants.

RD Debt Counselling Services

RD Debt Counselling’s exclusive debt review services is grouped into four stages, and it entails

  1. Debt counselling services where you’re offered a reduced and restructured payment arrangement.
  2. Getting a clean credit report which showcases your credit status, and you’re assisted with clearing all bad credit, so you can be granted credit again.
  3. Financial services are exclusively for corporate businesses, and this includes guidelines and tips on financial health for company employees, especially if you’re on the verge of being retrenched or are working fewer hours than normal.
  4. You’re offered free advice on any debt review issues or concerns.

What determines if you qualify for debt review

You’re finding it hard to pay all your debts in the allotted time.

Immediately after paying your debts, you find yourself no longer being able to tend to your basic expenses such as buying electricity, groceries and having transport money for work purposes.

If you’re currently not obtaining any income on a monthly basis, then, there’s no way you can apply for debt review.

How long does it take to repay debts?

This will be dependent on two factors, these are the amount and the type of debt you have. Say, for example, you’ve both your vehicle and home debts in arrears and then you’re most likely going to take longer to repay as opposed to when you have only a few loans.

Another strong determiner of how long it takes to pay off your debts depends on how much you can afford to pay each month.

RD Debt Counselling – Debt Counselling

  • Loan Type Debt Review

Benefits of RD Debt Counselling

  • Reduced interest tares
  • One affordable monthly payment
  • Free online debt assessment

5 effective ways to financial freedom

  1. 1st step includes providing all the relevant details that pertain to your finances. This includes the likes of your monthly salary, information on how much you owe each creditor, and all your expenses for the month.
  2. 2nd step is the debt review process coupled with an assessment. All the information you provided in the 1st step is now used to evaluate and detect whether you’re over-indebted or not.
  3. 3rd step is where your finances are thoroughly calculated by debt counsellors from RD Debt Counselling. They negotiate with all creditors and offer them a look at the new proposed repayment schedule. A new debt repayment schedule is determined and sent to your creditors.
  4. 4th step is the legal section, where a court order detailing the new payment amount and the amount each creditor will receive is issued. This is where you’re legally protected from the harassment of debt collectors unless you stop paying.
  5. 5th step entails paying until you’ve paid it off completely. You’ll now make one monthly payment on all your debt, deducted specifically on your salary date. This will become a norm right until you complete paying your outstanding debt. Once you’ve completed paying, you’ll be handed a clearance certificate.

A quick solution to your financial problems

The application process at RD Debt Counselling is fairly quick provided you provide all the necessary information. You need to sign and send the application through, or visit their office and sign there.

The RD Debt Counselling support team are professional and competent. Within a couple of days, you can be protected and resolve your financial problems.

NCA protects you from being blacklisted

While you’re undergoing debt review, you’re protected by the National Credit Act (NCA). In the event that you defaulted on your loans before applying for debt review, that status will not suddenly disappear.

The Credit Bureaus will always be in charge of reflecting your credit status. It’s only once you’ve successfully paid off your debt that your bad credit status will be removed.

Can an unemployed person apply?

Legally, you need to have a stable income to be eligible for debt review. Any income like a policy payout, social grant, or if you’re married, your spouse’s salary, can be used. As long as there’s some cash in your account every month to repay your debt, you can apply.

Does RD Debt Counselling offer debt review for self-employed people?

Most definitely. If you’re self-employed and are considering debt review, debt counsellors will assess your business income for the proceedings months.

This is to fully determine where your business financially stands. To get into the legal nitty-gritty, only debt that’s written under your name or your spouse’s is allowed. Debt falling under a business name cannot be included.

How do you know you need to undergo debt review?

When your bills are increasing, and you’re struggling to make your monthly payments while also not having sufficient cash to see you through the entire month. When you’re facing this situation, undergoing the debt review process can be highly beneficial.

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