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About Better Bond

Better Bond is South Africa’s most established bond origination service provider. They’ve been in the business for over 20 years and have developed close relationships with South Africa’s leading mortgage providers.

They’re able to assist you in accessing the most affordable and competitive home loans by leveraging these relationships and ensuring your application is taken care of.

They have more than twenty branches across the country and, have some of the best home loan approval rates! If anyone’s going to ensure you get approved and access the best deal, it’s them.

Lenders on Better Bond’s panel:

  • Nedbank
  • FNB
  • RMB
  • Sentinel Homes
  • ABSA
  • Standard Bank
  • Investec
  • iThala
  • Housing Investment Partners

Part of the BetterHome Group

Better Bond is a division of the BetterHome Group and boasts 500 team members comprising some of the country’s most experienced professionals.

Their bond originators are able to assist you with their expertise not only in bond finance but in the home buying process. They will ensure they assist you in securing the best possible deal by applying to multiple banks and negotiating rates on your behalf.

Better Bond clients save an average of 0,61% on interest

On average, Better Bond’s customers receive an interest rate reduction of 0,61% and more than 90% of applicants who applied for a pre-approval end up with an approved home loan offer. These lead to great savings and negotiating power when house hunting.

Top rated service provider on HelloPeter

Better Bond has an excellent reputation among clients who've made use of their services and their HelloPeter ratings are fantastic. Hundreds of happy customers have nothing but praise and gratitude toward the experienced and friendly bond originators.

Better Bond Services

Better Bond is a bond origination form that can assist you in securing a home loan from any of the major banks in the country.

You can either apply for a home loan through their online application, via your real estate agent or, by sending Better Bond all of your documents by email.

Remember, Better Bond will not only apply to the bank you regularly bank with, who is likely to offer you the best deal since you have a history with them, but they will apply to all lenders.

You may even qualify for a Government subsidy and in these cases, they’ll help you figure out what you qualify for and direct you on how to apply.

Benefits of using Better Bond

  • The service is completely free
  • Apply to all the major banks in one application
  • Have a professional originator negotiate rates on your behalf
  • Send your documents only once and get a response from all lenders
  • Enjoy quick approval
  • Have a professional assist you in reviewing and negotiating offers
  • Better Bond will increase your chances of approval (their approval rate of 77% beats that of 35% that homeowners who apply on their own have)

Get pre-approved with Better Bond

Pre-approval does not guarantee that you’ll be approved for a home loan once you’ve signed an Offer to Purchase but, it has some benefits. It’ll ensure you and your spouse’s credit histories are reviewed for any issues and it will let you know your affordability based on your current combined income.

Better Bond offers you 100% free pre-approval that will let you check your credit score, figure out how much you can offer when buying, and give you some much-needed bargaining power.

You can also use their bond repayment calculator to check what your monthly repayments would look like at different purchase amounts. They can also help you estimate transfer and bond registration fees, both of which you, as a buyer will have to cover.

Types of home loans Better Bond can help you secure:

  • Regular home loans with a common 20-year loan term
  • Loans for vacant stands and building loans
  • Loans on existing property
  • Commercial property finance

Better Bond – Bond Originator

  • Loan Type Bond Origination

Benefits of Better Bond

  • Big savings on home loans
  • Get a better rate
  • Reliable and affordable home loans

Apply for a home loan online in just minutes

You can either complete your home loan application online via Better Bond’s website or do a pre-approval application.

Their online application process is quick and simple and all you really need to do is upload your documents and consent to a credit check.

Documents required to apply

  1. Your South African ID (and that of your spouse)
  2. Proof of address (current)
  3. 6 months bank statements (and that of your spouse) that are stamped 
  4. Your recent payslips (and your spouses if applicable)
  5. Marriage and/or divorce certificates
  6. If you have had any legal issues/fraud, any proof and documentation relating to these will have to be uploaded
  7. If you’re using the sale of your current home to purchase a new one, a signed and approved Offer to Purchase and confirmation from the registering attorneys will be required (but this will be requested by your bond originator)

Why apply for a home loan with Better Bond?

One of the main benefits of using Better Bond is that you can get offers from all the major banks with just one application. You’ll access the best offers, compare rates, and get to choose the most competitive offer and, it honestly doesn’t get better than that!

Insist on using a bond originator

When making an offer to purchase a home you must insist that you apply for a loan using a bond originator. Even if the estate agent, who is representing the seller, and must act in their best interests, wants you to apply to only a specific bank.

This will allow you to compare rates from all providers and will help you increase your chances of approval. If any issues arise during the application process, a bond originator will be able to leverage their experience to assist you by responding to queries from banks appropriately.

Ready to accept an offer?

Once all of your offers have been presented to you, and typically once all the banks have had a chance to respond, you can select your preferred option.

Your bond originator can help you by explaining which offer is the best. Sometimes it’s a little more complicated than just interest rates and fees, so be sure to take their advice into account.

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