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About Getabond

Getabond has been operating as a leading bond origination company for over 20 years. They have a customer-centric approach to bond origination.

This means that they work with each client as an individual and place great emphasis on delivering excellent customer service.

More than R3 billion worth of home loans

Getabond and its affiliated companies get more than R3 million worth of bonds approved on a monthly basis.

They’re able to assist you regardless of where you reside in the country. Application re completely free to you and confidential.

Acting in your best interest

Their mission is to act with integrity and ensure you’re approved for a bond with favourable interest rates and terms.

When applying with Getabond, you’ll have your home loan application sent to all the banks including Absa FNB, and Nedbank.

This not only increases your chance of bond approval but ensures you can compare rates and select the most competitive. They’ll also apply to the bank you regularly bank.

More reasons to choose Getabond

  • They apply to all banks on your behalf
  • Getabond complete your applications to all lenders
  • The expert service is free
  • They'll help you secure the lowest possible interest rate
  • Assistance with enquiries made by banks
  • Your chances of loan approval are dramatically increased
  • You get regular feedback on the status of your application
  • Leverage the relationships Getabond have developed with all lenders
  • Access expert advice and information to help you as a new homeowner

Getabond Services

Getabond is a bond origination agency that’s affiliated with Mortgage Max. They apply for a bond to all major South African banks on your behalf ensuring that you’re able to compare offers.

The benefits of using Getabond

So, if you’re buying a property and need to apply for a home loan, you can do this through them. They’ll tell you exactly what documents you need to send them and complete all the forms and paperwork to apply to all the major lenders.

They’ll also provide supporting documents needed to ensure that any issues raised by the lenders will be quickly and professionally taken are of. This may include issues on your credit report, legal or Tax issues, and income discrepancies.

Home loans available

As bond originators, Getabond doesn’t actually offer home loans. They simply act as agents that assist you, the client, to attain bond approval.

This is done, with your best interests in mind. This means that regardless of the agreements that Getabond has with the various lenders in terms of commission, they are required to inform you of all offers received and help you make the best decision.

Home loan interest rates

Most people that obtain a home loan with Getabond will be offered an interest rate between 7.5% and 9.25%. To receive a lower interest rate you must have a good credit history.

Some lenders will offer additional incentives and interest rate drops for clients who either bank with them or decide to have their home loans withdrawn from an account with their institution.

Getabond – Bond Originator

  • Loan Type Bond Origination

Benefits of Getabond

  • Competitive home loan deals
  • Free loan applications
  • Expert advice
  • Lower rates

Getabond is ready to make your dream of homeownership a reality

When you’re ready to apply for a home loan, you can contact Getabond and they will help you identify and get approval for the ideal bond.

To get started you can also visit their website and download some of their helpful cost and affordability documents. These include a bond repayment and affordability table. They’ve also made their credit check form available for download.

Home loan documents for people employed full time

  • A copy of your South African ID
  • Payslips to the previous three months
  • Your personal bank statements for the previous three months
  • Proof of address

Bond application documents are required if you’re self-employed

  • RSA ID
  • A letter from your accountant confirming your income as derived from your business
  • 2 years’ worth of financial statements
  • A list of assets and liabilities
  • Bank statements for yourself and your business for the previous 6 months

Applicants who are not South African citizens as well as trusts may also apply for property finance with Getabond but will be required to submit additional documentation.

How much can you afford?

When it comes to home loans, affordability is the most important aspect of purchasing a home. This means that you need to decide how much you can afford to pay each month toward a bond and therefore, the value of the property that you can make an offer to buy.

If you have a deposit, you will not only save on interest in the long run but it boosts your application in the eyes of lenders and may help you achieve approval even when your affordability or credit history isn't perfect. In fact, Getabond may ask you to offer a deposit to boost your loan application.

Home loan application credit check

When applying for a home loan with Getabond, you’ll have to sign a credit check consent form. This will allow your bond originator to run a credit check with Experian and attach the results to your application.

Make additional repayments and save on your home loan

While most bonds will have a 20-year loan term, Getabond encourages you to repay your bond earlier by making small incremental additional payments. The amount of money that you will be able to save by making these extra payments will be significant over time.

Getabond has included a download on their website detailing an example of how much you’ll be able to save when making such additional payments.

Feedback from Getabond

Getabond will provide you with regular feedback as they receive offers or enquiries from the banks. As soon as an offer in principal is made you’ll be notified but, you will need to wait for all the banks to make an offer to be able to compare and make the best decision.

Additional costs to consider for buyers

As a buyer, you’ll be responsible for additional costs including transfer and bond costs. Transfer costs are fees charged by conveyancers that are calculated based on the value of the property.

Bond registration fees are charged by the bank with which you obtain a home loan. These costs may be included in your bond if you're approved for a bond over 100%.

Many banks offer people who do not have savings for a deposit or transfer and bond costs a bond that exceeds 100% to cover these costs.

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