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About Homeloan Junction

Homeloan Junction is a privately held company specialising in bond originating and services and products related to property purchase. The company was founded in 2006 and is based in Alberton, Gauteng, South Africa.

Bond origination explained

Many people that take the step to own property will approach a bank, often their own, to apply for the home loan they need to finance their purchase. Acquiring the services of a bond originator simplifies the process tremendously and increases your chances of approval.

Your Homeloan Junction bond originator will request all the necessary financial information regarding income, expenses, and affordability to put together a home loan application. They’ll then use this application to apply for your loan at various financial institutions.

Who is Homeloan Junction?

They currently employ 25 staff members that consist of people that are passionate about providing you with good, sound advice when entering the property market.

Homeloan Junction's star leadership team

  • Miles Donaldson – National Sales and Acquisitions Manager
  • Angie Stevens – Home loan Consultant
  • Jackie Killian – Property Consultant

Homeloan Junction’s purpose in the industry

When entering the property market for the first time, having a bond originator can be beneficial to the process. They know the industry and are dedicated to providing an all-inclusive service that will ultimately lead to the successful purchase of your home.

They’ve established trusted relationships with major banks across South Africa and can negotiate better terms and interest rates on your behalf. They’re focused on getting you the best home loan on the market.

Homeloan Junction compiles a single home loan application and submits it to all major banks. They then present you with quotes, advice, and knowledge you need to make a financially responsible choice.

Where can Homeloan Junction be found?

Homeloan Junction can be found all across South Africa. You can visit a branch near you or complete the call me back questionnaire on the website.

Homeloan Junction Services

Homeloan Junction has been providing South Africans with reliable, knowledgeable, and expert advice since 2006.

They take pride in using their knowledge and experience to your advantage. You’ll enjoy lower interest rates and better terms with a bond negotiator handling your home loan on your behalf.

Homeloan Junction’s service promise

Apart from having a passion for what they do, Homeloan Junction can offer you a service that’s:

  • Well-connected – They’ve worked hard to establish trusting and lasting relationships with all major banks and conveyancers. This ensures a wide network of financial institutions to apply with for you to get the best deal possible.
  • Knowledgable – The team at Homeloan Junction understands the legal requirements and knows how to compile a well-put-together application.
  • Committed – They strive to see you succeed and go above and beyond to negotiate the best deals on terms and interest rates.
  • Dedicated – When you approach Homeloan Junction you’ll have a dedicated home loan consultant seeing you through till the end of the process.

A variety of services and products

Homeloan Junction has a wide variety of property purchase-related services and products that include:

  • Buy-to-let home loans – This option allows you to add to your property profile.
  • Commercial loans – You can buy the office or building you operate from and gain an asset.
  • Further loans – With this loan, you’ll be able to do the necessary renovations on your newly acquired property.
  • Bridging finance – Homeloan Junction can assist you with a loan while you wait to get paid.
  • Personal loans – This will give you access to quick cash in times of unforeseen circumstances.

Know your borrowing power

When you’re about to enter the property market it’s good to have a clear picture of what you can borrow and how much you’ll repay. Homeloan Junction has a few useful calculators you can utilise to find out what you can afford. These are:

  • Affordability calculator
  • Bond and transfer calculator
  • Bond repayment calculator
  • Amotisation calculator
  • Savings calculator

Homeloan Junction – Bond Originator

  • Loan Type Bond Origination

Benefits of Homeloan Junction

  • Save on interest rates
  • Flexible repayment terms
  • Reliable and affordable home loans

How Homeloan Junction helps you secure your home loan

The first step to applying for your home loan is to get pre-qualified.

Getting pre-qualification lets you know how much you can borrow and gives you a better indication of where to search for a property.

The benefits of pre-qualification are:

  • Getting pre-approval is free
  • The process is easy
  • Confidently search for your dream home
  • Lets the seller know you are serious

The bond origination how to guide

Buying a home with the help of a bond originator will see you follow a 12-step process. You provide Homeloan Junction with the financial information required for your application and they complete the paperwork.

Your home ownership journey will look like this:

  1. You may complete the process of pre-approval. This can be done on their website and only takes a few minutes.
  2. If you get pre-approval, you’re now ready to start searching for your dream home.
  3. A decision on the deposit amount is decided.
  4. You’ll now enlist the free service of Homeloan Junction.
  5. They’ll complete the home loan application for you and submit it.
  6. Get approval in principle.
  7. The property in question will undergo a property evaluation.
  8. You’ll be presented with multiple quotations and choose the best suits your needs.
  9. Your property is registered.
  10. The transfer costs are paid.
  11. The property is registered with the deeds office.
  12. Your property is now ready for you to move in.

A breakdown of purchasing a home

  • Gathering information
  • Getting pre-qualified
  • Finding your dream home
  • Completing the paperwork
  • Sign your home loan approval contract
  • Conveyancing takes place
  • The property is registered and now belongs to you

A bond negotiating service that’s hard to equal

With a bond originator with strong core values and a passion for what they do you’ll be hard-pressed to find an equal in the industry. Homeloan Junction takes your financial future seriously and strives to get you the best deal in the business.

Their experience in the property market is outstanding and you can be sure of a strong and trustworthy relationship when you choose Homeloan Junction.

Why choose Homeloan Junction

  • They’ll get you the best deal
  • Depending on the criteria, they can negotiate a flexible term for you
  • The choice of interest rate is your choice
  • They take care of all the hard work on your behalf

Homeloan Junction Contact

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  • Woodhill Office Park, Building 4, Phillip Engelbrecht Street, Meyersdal Alberton Gauteng 1448 South Africa
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