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  • Repayment up to 30 years

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About GetGo Home Loans

In 2010, The South African market was introduced to a company that would soon emerge as one of the biggest bond originators in the country.

GetGo home loans have made thousands of people's dreams of owning a home come true.

The history that led to Getgo home loans

What is known today as GetGo Home Loans started in 2010 as CapCubed. The company was a joint venture between 3 friends, Graham Paterson, Herman Stals, and Gavin Southwell. They combined their experience in sales and finance to create an industry-leading bond origination service.

In under a decade, CapCubed grew and became South Africa’s biggest bond originator. They boast offices in the Eastern Cape, KwaZulu Natal, Western Cape, and Gauteng. With a passion for helping people reach their dreams, they later rebranded as GetGo home loans.

The purpose of GetGo home loans

As a first-time home buyer, purchasing your first home can be a scary and often, unfamiliar process. The purpose of a bond originator like GetGo Home Loans is to help you find the best deal on your new home and assist you through the purchase process.

Well-established relationships that benefit you

GetGo Home Loans have established strong and trusting relationships with all major banks and lenders in the industry. They use their knowledge and negotiating leverage to secure the best home loan on the market, on your behalf.

They can get you a better rate on interest and know how the industry works. Getting the assistance of a bond originator saves you time and money while simplifying the process. They’re committed to being with you every step of the way.

GetGo Home Loans Services

When you’re ready to embark on the journey of purchasing your first home you’ll need all the help you can get.

Recruiting the services of GetGo Home Loans can assist you in understanding the home purchasing process and getting approved.

They understand the property market and will take care of every aspect of your property purchase, from acquiring a home loan to signing the paperwork to be sent to the Deeds office.

Unparalleled service delivery

The customer service you can expect from GetGo Home Loans speaks of passion and dedication. They entered the industry with the mission of assisting as many people as they possibly could on their journey to home ownership.

The numbers speak for themselves and GetGo Home Loans are proud to say that they’ve assisted more than 50,000 families since they started operating.

How to get bond pre-approval

The first step to buying a home is to get bond pre-approval. GetGo Home Loans can help you know exactly what you qualify for before your search starts. They’ll run a credit check based on your income and expenses, and assess what your borrowing power is.

You’re then able to search for a home that’s within your budget without worrying whether you can afford it or not. GetGo Home Loans offer you this no-obligation service at no charge to you.

GetGo Home Loans – Bond Originator

  • Loan Type Bond Origination
  • Repayment 30 years

Benefits of GetGo Home Loans

  • Get great home loan deals
  • Get pre-approved online
  • Flexible repayment terms

GetGo home loans’ guide to getting funded

GetGo Home Loans assist you with the entire property-purchase process. Before they can give you the help you need, there’ll be some documents you’ll need to provide for them to establish identity and calculate affordability.

What costs to expect when purchasing a home

You need to be well-informed when you purchase the property. The fees and costs associated with buying a home include:

  • Bond registration costs
  • Transfer costs and duties
  • Moving costs
  • Home repairs
  • Insurance

Compare different scenarios

GetGo Home Loans have a scenario calculator on their website. With this tool, you can see what you’d pay with and without a deposit, side by side. This makes it easier for you to see the difference in monthly instalments.

The documents you’ll need:

  • South African ID document/Smart card
  • Proof of your current address
  • Bank statements for the past 3 months showing your monthly income
  • The last 3 months’ Payslips/Employment contract
  • A signed statement with your income and expenses

The GetGo home loans process explained

  1. The first step is to get pre-approval. This helps you to get a clear picture of what you’d qualify for when looking to purchase your home. GetGo home loans will assist you with this step.
  2. Once you have pre-approval, you’re free to start looking for your dream home.
  3. When you’ve found the home you’re looking to buy, you can put in an offer to purchase. This is where the pre-approval counts a great deal. Sellars are more likely to be serious in the case of pre-approval.
  4. If the seller accepts your offer, GetGo home loans will need all the information required to complete a home loan application. They’ll compile only one, neat and professional home loan application which they’ll submit to all the major banks.
  5. As soon as the quotes come back, you’ll be presented with them all to make a choice on which bond offer suits your situation best.

Submit an online call-me-back form

GetGo Home Loans have an online questionnaire that you can complete for them to contact you. They’ll require your name and surname, contact numbers, email address, and your ID number.

When you’ve completed it you can submit the form and a friendly GetGo Home Loans expert will be in contact with you shortly.

Why you should use GetGo home loans

  • They have a passion to help you
  • They negotiate the best home loans
  • Their experienced
  • One of the country’s leading bond originators
  • Expert advice

Let GetGo home loans help you to secure your dreams

Your first big step in life is buying a home. You don’t need to go through this often unknown process alone. GetGo Home Loans can assist you with the entire process and secure the best bond possible.

Let them help to simplify the process and get you moving in.

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