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About Credit Smart

Credit Smart offers you support in turning your financial situation around by leveraging the process of debt counselling. They’re a registered debt counselling provider located in Pretoria while serving customers across the country.

Receive support when you need it most

Credit Smart has published a series of debt review and intervention blog posts. These provide concise and easy-to-understand information.

Understanding debt intervention

Credit Smart explain the difference between debt intervention and debt counselling. Debt intervention is a process which aims to help people earning a low-income deal with debt.

Credit support and improvement for R50 per month

Credit Smart offer you a completely free credit report review. You simply provide your basic details and they’ll download your report for you.

If you want to keep tabs on your credit you can sign up for their monthly credit report service. This offers you a monthly report, free analysis, advice on improving your score, and a fee waiver for Credit Smart’s other services.

Credit Smart’s credit cover

When you apply for debt review, you can benefit from Credit Smart’s credit insurance policy. This will cover your repayments should you become disabled or be retrenched.

It also offers a maternity benefit and will cover you in cases of identity theft. If you pass away your outstanding debt in full if you pass away.

Specific coverage includes:

  • Debt settlement if you pass away
  • Critical illness and permanent disability cover
  • Cover your debt repayment for 12 months in the event of temporary disablement
  • If your identity is stolen you will receive a lump sum payout
  • 3-month maternity cover

Credit Smart’s insurance policy is not only comprehensive but it is also affordable and is offered to you if you choose Credit Smart to assist you with debt review.

Credit Smart Services

While they offer a credit health service for a monthly fee and credit insurance, these are supporting services. Credit Smart’s primary service offering is debt review.

Debt review explained

Debt review is a legal process that allows you to restructure your debts and repay a single amount to a Payment Distribution Agency (PDA) monthly. It’s only available to you if you’re overindebted and have a stable income.

One of the major benefits of debt counselling is that you no longer have to worry about your home or vehicle being repossessed since your assets will be protected. You also get to enjoy

Why choose debt counselling?

  • You'll be debt free in 60 months or less
  • Free up income for living expenses
  • Protect your assets and avoid defaulting on loans
  • Creditors will no longer contact you
  • Reduce interest and fees on your creditors
  • Debt is easier to manage since you only need to make a single monthly repayment

Credit Smart has worked with all major South African banks from FNB to Standard Bank. This means they’re able to communicate with your creditors with ease.

This speeds up the process of negotiation and ensures your budget is approved and made an order of the court without delay.

Debt intervention and review

While Credit Smart have a lot of debt intervention information on its website it can only assist customers who qualify for debt review. Debt counselling and consolidation are two services which, in fact, are the same thing.

How many credit agreements do you have?

You may be repaying up to nine different loans and lines of credit right now. This is not only difficult to manage but also expensive.

When you consider the fees involved as well as the fact that the cost of credit insurance is added to most agreements, you’re paying a lot more than is obvious.

If you're in this situation and are struggling to make payments, making use of Credit Smart’s debt review services could help you resolve the situation.

Credit Smart – Debt Counselling

  • Loan Type Debt Review

Benefits of Credit Smart

  • Protection against legal action
  • Lower interest rates
  • One monthly instalment

Credit Smart’s step-by-step debt review process

  1. Complete Credit Smart’s online application
  2. A debt counsellor will contact you
  3. Your financial situation will be reviewed
  4. If you are over-indebted a budget will be drawn up
  5. All creditors and the credit bureaus are notified of your debt review application and a request for your current outstanding balances is made
  6. Your debts are restructured and amounts are negotiated with creditors
  7. Your repayment plan is made an order of court
  8. You make a single monthly repayment
  9. Once you’ve made the final repayment you are issued a clearance certificate

Are you over-indebted?

In order to apply for debt review, you must be considered over-indebted. You shouldn’t worry about determining this yourself, as Credit Smart can quickly and easily help you with this.

Once it’s been established that you have more debt than you can afford to pay, a new budget can be drawn up by a Credit Smart counsellor and they will take care of the application.

You’ll need to provide accurate and comprehensive details on your current debts as well as income.

Contact Credit Smart and apply for debt review today

In addition to their live online chat, you can complete their credit analysis profile form on their website and they’ll get in touch.

They are also available by phone and email, and have offices in Pretoria should you wish to visit in person.

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