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  • Restructured Payment Plans
  • Improve Cash Flow
  • Protection From Legal Action

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About Octogen

Octogen is an NCR-registered debt counselling company with more than 20 years of experience in helping South Africans navigate their finances.

While they've been operating since 2002 in the financial wellness space, they took up debt counselling services in 2009 and now offer alternative dispute resolution, financial wellbeing, and budget repair services, as well as debt counselling.

They even allow large employers to leverage the knowledge and skills of their financial coaches to help their employees improve their financial literacy knowledge and skills to boost their quality of life and credit rating.

More than 250,000 lives touched

They’ve assisted more than a quarter of a million people to put together a debt repayment plan and become debt-free.

With more than 30 registered debt counsellors and 80 financial well-being consultants, they have the capacity and know-how to help you take control of your debt and turn your life around.

Octogen’s partnership with Old Mutual

Octogen has become such a powerful force that financial giant Old Mutual refers clients that they cannot help to them. This ensures that those who would be turned down by many larger institutions can be assisted by a smaller player like Octogen. This ensures they receive the attention and personalised service that they need to turn their financial situations around.

Octogen’s company values

With over 200 employees, Octogen continues to establish itself as a leader in financial well-being and debt counselling by ensuring its staff is well-trained, that confidentiality remains a priority, and that they diligently abide not only by the Debt Counsellors Association of South Africa’s code of conduct but also their own core values.

Octogen’s core values

  • Transparency
  • Respect
  • Goodness
  • Improvement and innovation
  • Collaboration

Octogen Services

If you’re over-indebted and are looking for a quick and effective solution that will protect your assets and keep creditors from taking legal action against you, debt review is the answer.

Debt review is particularly helpful if your creditors have not initiated legal action against you as Octogen can then contact them and notify them that you have applied for debt review and negotiate more affordable repayments on your debts.

How does debt review work?

Octogen’s debt counsellors will assist you in drawing up a new budget so that you can service your debts while also having enough to pay all your living expenses. They will contact your creditors and negotiate for lower, more affordable repayments.

While under debt review you will be protected by the National Credit Act (NCA) and your creditors will not be able to take legal action against you. All you need to do is make sure that you pay what you can afford and what your debt counsellor has arranged with your creditors.

Additional Octogen services

  • Financial wellbeing: If you want to understand your financial situation and develop a plan to help you achieve your goals, Octogen’s financial well-being services can help. They will help you amylase your debts and credit report and help you set up a solid plan to improve in all respects.
  • Budget repair: This service makes use of the expertise that Octogen’sfianncial coaches have to help you analyse your budget, spending patterns, cash flow, and credit rating, to ensure you draw up a budget to help you get to where you want to be in life.
  • Dispute resolution: Through their subsidiary My Debt Doctor (Pty) Ltd, Octogen offers alternative dispute resolution services (ADR) to those who are trying to resolve a dispute with their credit provider. ADR includes conciliation, meditation, and arbitration.

Corporate packages offered at Octogen

Make sure that your employees have all the knowledge, tools, and resources they need to make empowered financial decisions that will help them achieve their financial goals.

Octogen’s financial coaches can be brought in to help your employees learn how to better manage their money, assess their finances and credit rating, and help them become empowered and financially independent. This includes one-on-one coaching with employees as well as skills development workshops.

Octogen – Debt Counselling

  • Loan Type Debt Review

Benefits of Octogen

  • Debt counselling 
  • Financial wellbeing services
  • Budget repair 
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Financial coaching packages 

Apply for debt review at Octogen

When applying for debt review with Octogen, you do not need to pay any fees upfront and you can rest assured that you won’t be overcharged since all debt review providers must abide by the regulations set up by the National Credit Regulator in this regard.

The application will begin with a simple online application process that will help you and your debt counsellor determine whether or not debt review is the right option for you.

How to apply for debt review at Octogen

You can complete a contact form via their website, or send them a message over Whatsapp and someone will be in touch with you for a free consultation.

The benefits of debt review

In addition to preventing your creditors from repossessing your home or vehicle, debt review will help you save money on interest and fees, and help you free up money so that you can better afford your living expenses.

If you're struggling to make ends meet and balance your debts, applying for debt counselling could help you find the relief you're searching for.

The Octogen debt counselling process

  1. Complete a debt review application
  2. An Octogen debt counsellor will assess your financial position
  3. Your Counsellor will negotiate new repayment amounts with your creditors
  4. They will also restructure your repayment plans
  5. You will now pay according to this new budget
  6. Once you’ve paid off the debts you will receive a clearance certificate

Make use of Octogen’s free budget planner tool

As a company dedicated to helping South Africans achieve financial freedom and wellness, they offer as many complimentary services as possible. In addition to their alternative dispute resolution and budget repair services, they also offer a free budget planner tool on their website.

Octogen Contact

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