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  • Pay Less Interest
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About FinFix

FinFix has one purpose, and that’s to remove the heavyweight debt that often exerts on people. South Africans are buried in debt and commitments; from home loans and car finance to kids' school fees, loan sharks, and living expenses.

FinFix has a belief system that’s rooted in treating every consumer with diligence, respect, and dignity.

If you’re finding it hard to keep up with your everyday expenses, can’t save and bills are mounting up, maybe it’s time for you to consider being under debt review. The FinFix team have detected these symptoms are causing many South Africans to be under financial stress.

A professional team devoted to you

The FinFix team are professional devotees that understand that every individual’s case is unique, and they always find creative and advanced solutions that are customised to a consumer’s financial situation.

You can think of FinFix as the middleman who negotiates with your creditors, so you can pay less towards debt and free up some income for living expenses.

Do you find yourself paying too much toward your debt? If it’s becoming stressful watching all your money go off on your pay date, it’s time to stop that at once by getting the assistance you need from FinFix.

No debt issue is too big for FinFix to handle

With fuel and inflation prices going up, it can be difficult to stay on track with managing your debt. However, no problem is too big for the FinFix team as they’re more than willing to help you get over your debt stress, so you can get back to feeling financially healthy

This is what FinFix can help you with

  • To pay reduced fees on your personal loans, credit card, home loan or car finance.
  • Remove the feeling of discomfort that debt leaves you with while you focus on those priceless moments in your life.
  • Free yourself from debt
  • You’re offered a free assessment

FinFix Services

FinFix also offers the following services

More money in your pocket

With FinFix you can keep all your valuable goods and have extra money in your pocket to spend on what you and your loved ones truly cherish.

Debt review can simply be termed as having an effective tool that can aid you to spend your cash on significant matters. What happens is you pay a single instalment on your debt, leaving you with extra Rands in your wallet.

Benefits of debt review

  • Lowered instalment
  • Detailed guidance
  • Consolidation of your debt
  • Low-interest rates
  • Pay only one instalment to a Payment Distribution Agency
  • Protect your valuable goods

The non-stop calls from debt collectors can make you have insomnia and the anxiety of knowing you owe creditors can be very upsetting.

Recent findings have proven that South African consumers are finding it hard to repay back their debts. As a result, many people end up losing their valuable goods because of over-indebtedness. This is where FinFix can step in and help you retain your goods.

Receive financial prosperity

  • FinFix helps you protect your assets from being repossessed.
  • They stop legal action from being taken against you.
  • They help you secure your accounts that are in arrears.
  • They assist you to restore financial well-being and reduce debt.
  • If you’re paying too much, it’s possible to obtain instant financial relief
  • You can combine all your debt into a single consolidated loan with low repayment terms.
  • If you’re falling behind on your payments, FinFix helps you put a stop to calls from debt collectors who’ve been harassing you.

FinFix – Debt Counselling

  • Loan Type Debt Review

Benefits of FinFix

  • Pay less interest on existing debt
  • Consolidate debt into one monthly payment
  • Become debt free
  • Protection against creditors
  • Protection against asset repossession

How much does FinFix charge for its debt review process?

The fees that FinFix charge you are regulated by the National Credit Act and are worked out as a percentage of your total repayment. FinFix doesn’t charge any upfront fees. 

They offer you a free quote and assessment based on your individual needs. The entire assessment process is done within a few minutes. FinFix fees are regulated by the NCR.   

How much time will it take you to be debt free? 

FinFix aspires to help you get immediate relief, but the debt review process can take up to 60 months to complete. 

Repayment terms are structured with consideration of your outstanding debt and how much you can afford to pay. While taking part in the assessment process, the FinFix team provides you with an estimate of your repayment fees. 

How much interest are you expected to pay? 

FinFix negotiates lowered interest fees on your accounts. What you can then look forward to is paying an interest fee that is much lower on almost, if not all, your accounts. With FinFix offering you excellent service, your debt review needs will be taken care of with diligence and expertise. 

Will you be blacklisted if you go under debt review with FinFix? 

No debt review agency will be able to blacklist you. Once you're done repaying your debts, your credit profile will be cleared up.  

With FinFix having an online application, by leaving the following details you can expect to get a call back from them. 

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Email address
  • Contact number 

FinFix can assist you to manage a debt-free lifestyle. Being over-indebted can lead to stress and anxiety. You can now get peace of mind, by allowing FinFix to help you with your debt problems.

Are you eligible for debt review with FinFix?

To be eligible for FinFix service, you’ll need to be employed and earn an income. If you’re self-employed or earning an allowance, you can also stand a chance to benefit from FinFix.

Impressive reviews from clients 

According to Hellopeter, the online platform that connects South African consumers with businesses while sharing their experiences, FinFix has a trust index rating of 9.9 out of 10, ranked number 5 in financial services and has a net promoter score of 8%.

When looking at the reviews that are on Hellopeter, you’ll notice how it’s truly impressive to witness all the positive comments and remarks from consumers that FinFix has assisted.

Get a free credit profile from FinFix 

There’s that feeling of satisfaction that comes with having your finances in order. Now you can take control of your debt instead of debt taking control of you. 

If you’ve been procrastinating, it’s time to take that first step and allow FinFix to provide you with more details about where you financially stand with a free consultation to find out if debt review is the right option for you. 

FinFix Contact

Physical Address

  • Close Office 7A2, 49 De Havilland Cres, Persequor Pretoria 0020 South Africa
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Opening Hours

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