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About Debt Sage

Debt Sage was founded in 2009 with the aim of assisting South Africans to take control of their finances and get out of debt.

Their name Debt Sage is homage to Sage Street in Cape Town where their founder got the idea to start the company. The word Sage refers to a wise person, and they aim to remain true to this definition by using their wisdom to empower their clients financially.

A team of specialist debt counsellors

They’re an NCR registered Financial Services Provider (FSP) with an experienced team of debt counsellors ready to assist you with all of your debt needs.

These counsellors as well as the entire team at Debt Sage have qualifications and experience that enable them to deliver a level of expertise that few others in the industry have been able to.

They’ve also sustained their quality of service and continued to grow for over a decade, transforming them into a trusted, reliable service provider that has gained a well-deserved reputation of dependability.

Served in your language of choice

Debt Sage comprise an exceptional team of multilingual and multicultural individual who are able to serve you in almost all of South Africa’s official languages.

This means you can enjoy a personalised service that will not overlook the importance of financial education and understanding in overcoming financial difficulties.

Leveraging industry relationships to your benefit

Debt Sage has developed strong relationships with key industry players including the Payment Distribution Agency (PDA), all major creditors, and attorneys. They leverage these relationships to ensure you receive the best possible debt review and debt management services.

For instance, they work with legal professionals who are experts in reckless lending and debt review and can handle your case with expertise, speed, and efficacy. This is important in ensuring that your problems are addressed not only quickly but in the right way.

Debt Sage Services

Debt Sage offers expert debt counselling and debt management services across South Africa. These services are designed to help you get a handle on your debt and take control of your finances.

Debt review in a nutshell

Debt review is a legal process that was introduced by the National Credit Act (NCA) to help overindebted consumers get out of debt. It is not an easy or quick solution but rather, one that relies on a defined process and structure that is enforced and protected by the legal system.

Not only is there a defined process that you will need to follow but the fees are regulated, as are the debt review professionals who offer you their support.

Who should consider debt review?

Anyone who is over-indebted and struggling to pay off their debts could benefit from debt counselling. If you have too many debts, can not take out any more credit, and are not able to manage your debt, you may benefit.

The debt review process

  1. Get in touch with Debt Sage and one of their counsellors
  2. They will review your income and expenses and decide whether debt counselling would be beneficial for you
  3. If so, you will complete a debt assessment and they’ll provide you with a free credit report
  4. Debt Sage will create a new repayment plan and contact your creditors to negotiate accordingly

Important debt review considerations

  • When under debt review you will no longer be able to obtain further credit
  • Your creditors can not take any further legal action against you and your assets will therefore be protected
  • One of the major benefits of debt counselling is that you learn how to better manage your money and live within your means
  • It takes, on average, between three and five years to complete the debt review process
  • You are also able to repay your debt faster and exit debt review earlier by paying more than agreed

Debt Sage – Debt Counselling

  • Loan Type Debt Review

Benefits of Debt Sage

  • Debt counselling
  • Debt consolidation
  • Debt management 
  • Debt restructuring 

Say goodbye to debt and hello to stable, resiliant wealth

By getting yourself out of debt you can step away from a spiral of debt and do what it takes to develop yourself and bring your finances where you want them to be.

This is, ideally a place where debt no longer rules your life and you can begin to build real wealth by focusing on investments rather than debt repayment.

Speak to a Debt Sage counsellor today

One of the first actions necessary to undergo debt review is to contact Debt Sage and speak to one of their experienced counsellors. You’ll be required to complete Form 16 which is a formal debt review application.

Once they have the necessary information, your debt counsellor will contact all the credit bureaus and inform them of your intention to undergo debt review. They’ll also inform your creditors who will no longer be able to contact you directly for any collection efforts or take legal action once a Form 17.2 is presented to them.

Debt Sage will then submit a repayment plan to your creditors and this plan is, once agreed to by all parties, made an order of court.

You will then make a single payment every month to a Payment Distribution Agency (PDA) which will distribute payments to all your creditors.

What happens when you’ve paid off your debts

Once you’ve paid off all of your bed you will be presented with a clearance certificate. This means you have honoured your debt agreements and completed the debt review process.

Documents and information required to apply for debt counselling

  • Your South African ID
  • Recent bank statements and payslips
  • A list of all of your current debts and monthly expenses

Once you provide all the required information and certificates of balance are retrieved, your debt counsellor will be able to advise whether debt review is the right option for you.

Positive reviews galore

With such attention to detail, speed, and unmatched expertise, Debt Sage has amassed a host of loyal, satisfied customers and excellent reviews.

They have, in fact yet to receive a negative review! Perhaps this has something to do with their 5-minute response time, but, one thing is for sure if you’re looking to go under debt review, Debt Sage is the leader you want on your side.

One of the reasons that Debt Sage is so popular is that they know that debt review is not the answer for all consumers. They’re willing to offer you the right advice, even if it means that you make use of alternative debt management processes and tools.

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