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About Debt Guides

At some stage in our adult lives, we’ve all considered taking out a loan, getting a credit card, or opening a store account, if not all of them.

Bonds and car finance make it possible for people to buy a vehicle or a home.

Credit makes life possible and easier, but we cannot predict the future. Unforeseeable events happen.

Not to mention some creditors are not responsible and lend money when they shouldn’t since you cannot afford the repayments. This reckless lending is being curbed by the NCR (National Credit Regulator) but some have already fallen into the pit.

Falling into the common debt trap

Debt Guides understands that things happen. These things keep you from making payments to your creditors. Job loss and economic downturns make things difficult for people to carry the burden of debt. Debt Guides is here to assist you and make sure that you can overcome the financial difficulties you’re facing.

Debt Guides has made it its mission to help South Africans make it through their most difficult financial times.

Their experience spans 16 years which has given them the know-how when it comes to restructuring accounts and the skill to renegotiate interest rates on your behalf.

The reason for debt review

Financial problems cause stress, which affects sleep, the ability to work as well as the ability to have a healthy family life. Once you’re in financial trouble it’s nearly impossible to get out of it without help.

Over 700,000 people are under debt review in South Africa. This staggering figure shows that there’s a problem with debt in South Africa. That’s why there’s a need for debt review.

Debt Guides understands that to have a financially secure South Africa, you need a financially secure populace. People that have financial security have better spending power which benefits the economy.


Debt Guides Services

Debt Guides has a multi-pronged approach to help you regain your financial footing. They work on all aspects of financial rehabilitation.

The debt review process with Debt Guides

Debt Counselling - When you become aware that you’re over-indebted it can be a difficult pill to swallow.

Debt Guides will contact all your creditors to find out exactly what you owe to each. The creditors send through details on the amounts you owe. They break it down into interest, insurance and capital amount. This is called a debt audit.

Then Debt Guides negotiate on your behalf and a new payment offer is put forward to your creditors.

The creditors can either accept, renegotiate or decline the offer. Once an agreement has been reached you pay the renegotiated amount. You won’t have access to credit while you’re under debt counselling.

Save on interest with one monthly debt payment

Debt Guides takes getting people out of crippling debt seriously. Their debt review service allows you to consolidate all your debts into one amount.

This means you can enjoy reduced interest payments. This saves you money in the long run while shrinking your monthly repayment amount.

If you feel that you cannot meet your monthly obligations you can apply for debt review.

Credit monitoring services

Your credit health is very important. When you want to buy a car or a house, chances are you’ll need a loan. With a poor credit score, you won’t get the necessary funding. Going under debt review, or debt counselling can help your credit score in the long run.

Debt Guides gives you access to check your credit score as many times as you need to. It is a great tool to monitor your credit health as your debt gets repaid. You will be able to see your credit score at the end of the process.

Debt Guides – Debt Counselling

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Benefits of Debt Guides

  • No legal action
  • No harassment from creditors
  • You can't become blacklisted

Make the decision to be debt-free

Debt Guides want you to reach out. They have several means that you can use to make contact with them and begin the debt review application process.

Their website has a contact me form where you fill in all your details and are asked to provide a short message that gives a brief description of your needs.

You can WhatsApp Debt Guides or use their Facebook page to message them. Their pages have a lot of free advice for those that are not quite ready for debt counselling but need a bit of help.

Contact Debt Guides on their phone number to speak to a consultant, or you can email them and someone will phone you back.

You’ll be asked to submit documents including a list of your monthly expenditure like groceries, cell phone bill and utility bills and your Identity document.

Put your mind at ease with Debt Guides

Debt guides understand how debt can hurt your family and general well-being. They want to help you get through the most vulnerable and stressful time by making it possible to pay the debt and put it behind you.

Getting into a position where you’re unable to meet your obligations can be embarrassing. Debt Guides wants you to know that there’s nothing to be embarrassed about.

Combinations of reckless lending, poor economic performance and setbacks beyond your control have led to a country-wide credit crisis. Their consultants are here to help you and put your mind at ease.

What makes Debt Guides the right choice?

Debt Guides is based in Westrand but they’ve got an extensive network of attorneys which means they can assist you wherever you live. Their software and automatic lending system help them recognise reckless lending. Debt Guides understands that having experts in the insurance industry is essential to make sure you get the best cover on your loan.

The team at Debt Guides believes that to get rehabilitated financially you need some help. With an experienced debt counsellor beside you to show you how to get through the tough times and reach your financial goals, your chances of success are much higher.

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