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About Debt Eezy

In 2012, a few individuals shared a mission of bringing the positive change that the industry needed when it came to debt.

These individuals became the founding members of Debt Eezy. It started from humble beginnings and grew into a company that understands the industry well. They have a passion for helping people become financially free.

Debt Eezy is a well-established company

With more than 10 years of experience in the financial industry, they know and understand the financial needs of South Africans and the struggles of being over-indebted. They strive to bring you the financial knowledge and services needed to manage your money responsibly.

A bigger, better Debt Eezy

In 2018, Debt Eezy joined another group that shared its dedication and re-established itself as a part of the Debt Centre group.

They decided on this move as Debt Centre shared the same vision and mission that the founders of Debt Eezy do. This collaboration made it a bigger and better network for you, the customer.

Debt Eezy’s promise to you

At debt Eezy, there’s a clear operating principle on which their business is conducted.

This principle consists of two parts, namely:

  • Their mission – To serve you with outstanding customer service and sustainable debt solutions. They aim to always treat you professionally and as an individual.
  • Their vision – Their vision is to serve you with a solution that’ll not only help you responsibly manage your debt but also rectify your credit status.

A simple understanding of debt review

The concept of debt review can be explained as a process that’s commonly used to help over-indebted individuals settle their debt. This process consists of tools like financial education and budgeting skills to ultimately eliminate debt. This process is usually done by a registered debt counsellor.

Debt Eezy Services

Debt Eezy is a company providing professional debt relief solutions. If you find yourself to be over-indebted, they can help by offering you a range of debt management and review solutions.

They’re registered with the National Credit Regulator and are fully compliant with the National Credit Act. You can rest assured that they’ll provide you with sound, responsible debt remedies.

The benefits you’ll enjoy when you file for debt review with Debt Eezy

When you find yourself in an unmanageable financial situation, filing for debt review can be extremely beneficial in many ways:

  • Immediate financial relief is felt
  • Assurance that you’ll have basic living expenses
  • Enjoy protection for your property and possessions
  • Debt review is affordable
  • No more loans to repay your debt
  • You save money on interest
  • Your credit record is restored

Debt Eezy is there for you

Applying for debt review from Debt Eezy will give you peace of mind because your financial well-being is at the heart of everything they do. They’ve made a promise to you that they intend to keep.

  • To provide you with personal service – When you apply for debt review, Debt Eezy will assign a debt counsellor that’ll be dedicated to your case. They also assure you that they always have a capable and friendly team to answer all your questions.
  • Immediate protection – As soon as you’ve filed for debt review, you’ll have the assurance that your property and possessions are fully protected from creditors.
  • They’re fully committed – Your dedicated debt consultant is committed to ensuring that your creditors are satisfied and that your application is handled professionally.

Additional services offered by Debt Eezy

Aside from providing a debt review service, Debt Eezy has a range of other financial and legal solutions for you to choose from. They offer a comprehensive haven for people struggling to responsibly and sustainably manage their debt.

Debt Eezy – Debt Counselling

  • Loan Type Debt Review

Benefits of Debt Eezy

  • Immediate debt relief
  • Cover your living expenses
  • Affordable monthly repayments
  • Save on interest

Your guide to applying for debt review with Debt Eezy

Debt Eezy has made it easy and convenient for you to reach them and get the financial help you need.

You can contact them on Whatsapp, by calling the customer care line, or by sending them an email. Alternatively, you can complete the call-me-back form on their website and they’ll contact you.

What you’ll need to apply for debt review with Debt Eezy

Just like with a loan application, filing for debt review also requires certain documents to verify your information and establish if you’re eligible. Before you start with the application, make sure you have the following documentation on hand:

  • South African ID document/Smart card
  • Your most recent payslip
  • The last three months’ bank statements
  • The most recent statements received from all your creditors

The six steps to financial freedom with Debt Eezy

  1. The first step is to contact Debt Eezy and schedule a time to discuss your situation.
  2. Your financial situation is assessed and the necessary documents are supplied.
  3. Within 5 days of your application for debt review being filed, Debt Eezy will send out a notification and a proposal to all of your creditors.
  4. They’ll now start to negotiate with your creditors on an affordable repayment plan. Once an agreement is reached, Debt Eezy will apply for a court order on your behalf.
  5. When the court order is granted, you’ll be protected from any legal action taken against you by existing creditors.
  6. As soon as your debt has been settled, Debt Eezy will remove the update the credit bureaus on your progress.

The benefits of Debt Eezy’s service

  • They’re a trusted company
  • The service is affordable
  • You’re protected from legal action
  • You save on interest
  • Your debt is paid in one monthly instalment

Debt Eezy will put your financial well-being first

If you find yourself to be over-indebted, the best time to seek help is immediately. Debt review is a legally regulated process designed to help you repay your debt in a combined monthly instalment until settled. This method of debt repayment has been a lifeline to many South Africans and can be for you too.

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