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About Johan Wepener Debt Counsellors

The inability to honour your debt payments has become a real problem in South Africa. To challenge these issues, Johan Wepener Debt Counsellors was founded in 2007. Their aim is to help South Africans who are drowning in debt.

Johan Wepener is accredited by the National Credit Regulator (NCR). The NCR is a department that ensures the fair lending practices of financial institutions in South Africa.

As an accredited member, Johan Wepener can negotiate with your creditors on your behalf, non-accredited financial institutions may not.

Meet Johan Wepener’s team

Johan Wepener is an accredited debt counsellor and founder. His administration manager, Gail is an accredited counsellor too and they work together to see that you become debt free.

Why do we need debt counselling?

Irresponsible credit practices have resulted in South Africans from all walks of life, becoming over-indebted.

In some cases, the situation has become so dire that monthly credit obligations leave people with less money than they need to cover their basic necessities. It’s, for this reason, companies like Johan Wepener Debt Counsellors have been established.

Happy, debt-free clients

Johan Wepener is proud to display comments from customers. There are testimonies and thank yous from people who have benefited from their services.

There’s no better way to judge a business than by what its clients say about them. If you’re considering debt counselling, pop over to their website to view their reviews and see for yourself.

Johan Wepener Debt Counsellors Services

Johan Wepener offers debt review to help you get back on your feet and debt free. Before you go under debt review your credit and income need to be assessed to see how the team can best help you.

Debt review assessment

You’ll need to complete an assessment detailing all your credit obligations, with details. You’ll need to include what the credit is for, who it’s owed to, the total outstanding, monthly instalments and account numbers.

Include any income in addition to your salary that you regularly receive. When your application is complete an accredited debt counsellor will assess your application to see if they’re able to assist. If you’re not over-indebted you won’t qualify for debt counselling.

What exactly is debt counselling?

Debt counselling is a process where an accredited professional negotiates with your creditors to ensure an affordable repayment plan is created. This means you can meet your credit obligations and still live your life while paying off your debt.

How does debt review work?

  • First, you’ll need to undergo an assessment, either online or contact Johan or Gail.
  • If you qualify for debt review, the counsellor will explain to you that they’ll negotiate on your behalf with your creditors.
  • The counsellor will explain how some of the creditors will react. Though every creditor generally just wants to get their money back some may be a bit difficult.
  • Your counsellor will inform you that your status as under debt review will be reported to the credit bureaus to prevent you from getting any further into debt.
  • From this information, you can make an informed decision.

Johan Wepener Debt Counsellors – Debt Counselling

  • Loan Type Debt Review

Benefits of Johan Wepener Debt Counsellors

  • Legal protection against creditors
  • Affordable repayment plans
  • Improve your credit score

What to remember about debt review

  • Creditors are generally on board with debt review. Debt counsellors will send them an offer and they’ll assess it, if they’re happy they’ll accept the new repayment plan. A counteroffer from the creditor is possible, and in extreme cases, the creditor can reject the offer altogether.
  • The matter will go to a magistrates’ court to be made a court order. The magistrate has the final decision, even if you could not reach an agreement with the creditor.
  • You have to start making your new payment to the value of the agreements combined, as soon as you can, you may not wait for the court order.
  • After the court order is in place, none of your creditors can take legal action against you, and should not be phoning to harass you any further.
  • Do not miss a payment, the creditors then have the right to revoke their agreement with you and pursue and harass you again.
  • During the repayment term, if you’re in a better financial position you can pay more than the agreed amount and that way be debt free sooner.
  • As soon as your debt is repaid, Johan Wepener Debt Counsellors will issue a clearance certificate.
  • You cannot use any more credit, this includes personal loans, credit card usage, and all other forms of credit.

Being in debt is incredibly stressful, especially when you see no way to pay it off. When your debt becomes an impossible burden that you can’t face any more, you don’t answer your phone, you don’t even want to leave the house.

Debt review is a way to get out of that debt without losing anything.

Do you think debt review is for you?

Contact Johan or Gail at Johan Weperner Debt Counsellors, contact them by phone, the form on their website or by email.

There’s nothing embarrassing about having to contact a debt counsellor, and it’s far better than sticking your head in the sand, hoping it’ll go away. Without action, debt will not go away and you run the risk of losing everything you’ve worked for.

Your first step towards becoming debt-free

Contacting Johan Weperner Debt Counsellors is the first step to regaining your financial strength and freedom. It is a simple process that starts with a conversation.

There is no obligation when contacting them for a meeting or assessment. After a meeting or just speaking to accredited debt counsellors, you’ll be able to decide if debt review will work for you or not.

Make sure to ask any questions that you might have, or raise any concerns. Being debt free is the goal, and Johan Wepener Debt Counsellors would like to help you reach that goal.

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