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Freedom Debt Counsellors

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About Freedom Debt Counsellors

Based in Johannesburg, Freedom Debt Counsellors are a professional team of registered debt counsellors offering their services across the country.

They are passionate about helping you put a stop to debt and get onto a path of financial stability and growth.

Freedom Debt Counsellors offer flexible and reliable debt counselling services and other solutions designed to help you if you don’t qualify for traditional debt counselling.

A Managing Partner with a wealth of experience

Freedom Debt Counsellors’ Managing Partner, Morne Oliver is a highly experienced individual having led more than seven companies to success.

With a wealth of financial knowledge and industry experience, you can rest assured you’re being assisted by the best the country has to offer.

A registered, experienced debt review agency

Freedom Debt Counsellors is not only a registered financial services provider but they're also registered with the Debt Counselling Association of South Africa.

Specialists in their field

Freedom Debt Counsellors are specialists in debt counselling and, as such, this is the only service they provide. This means they’re able to deliver expert assistance and guidance in this one area.

Should you consider debt review?

If you have multiple loans and accounts and are struggling to meet your monthly commitments as your repayments are too high for your income, debt review could help you.

Your short-term, high-interest debts will be reduced the most. In fact, Freedom Debt Counsellors promise to help you reduce these instalments by more than 60%.

Freedom debt counsellors are ready to help you

If you are struggling to manage your debts and don't have enough money to cover all your debts and living expenses, restructuring debts and applying for debt review may offer you the relief you’re looking for. It’s not going to reduce the cost of how much you repay in total at the end of the day but it can help you better cope on a month-to-month basis.

Freedom Debt Counsellors Services

Debt review is simply using the guidance provided by the National Credit Act to help you deal with overindebtedness without defaulting on your credit agreements. It’s meant to help you cope with your everyday living expenses while still paying off your debts in a slow and stable way.

Debt review allows you to put a stop to all the calls and messages from creditors. You can protect your assets from repossession, and make your debts easier to manage.

You will also pay a reduced combined amount toward your debts, so you can free up some money to cover your daily living expenses. This is ideal if you’ve found yourself in a position where your income is simply not able to cover all your expenses.

With debt review, you can get out of debt in a slow and stable way. This improves your chances of getting it right and makes sure you protect your credit in the process.

How debt counselling works

Debt counselling generally follows a set process. You must first contact Freedom Debt Counsellors and provide them with a snapshot of your financial situation. Once your debt counsellor has determined that you meet the requirements for debt review, you’ll be asked to complete a formal application.

This application will collect all your personal information and the details of your income, expenses, and debts. Your debt counsellor will restructure your debt payments and contact your creditors to negotiate lower repayments, reduced interest, and better terms.

Once your creditors agreed, your repayment plan will be made an order of court and all the credit bureaus will be notified that you’re under debt review.

Summary of debt review benefits

  • Creditors can no longer contact you
  • Your debts are negotiated for reduced rates and fees
  • You can free up some income and covering your monthly expenses will become easier
  • It’s a legal process so creditors will be unable to take action against you, thus protecting your assets
  • You only need to make one monthly payment to a Payment Distribution agency
  • If you have a poor credit score, this will improve over time
  • The process is handled by a debt counsellor so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands

Freedom Debt Counsellors – Debt Counselling

  • Loan Type Debt Review

Benefits of Freedom Debt Counsellors

  • Improve your credit score
  • Regain financial freedom
  • Lower interest rates
  • One affordable monthly repayment

The debt counselling process explained

Applying for debt counselling shouldn’t be stressful for you. This is why it’s important to choose an experienced debt review agency like Freedom Debt Counsellors.

Professionals that will guide you through it

They’ll take control of the process and guide you, especially in cases where complications or hiccups arise. In addition, they have relationships with all the major creditors and will instruct attorneys who are specialists in dealing with debt review and reckless lending cases.

Having a professional on your side, you can rest assured that your debt situation will be evaluated and resolved in a professional manner. Don't leave matters to chance and take action before you default on agreements and have your creditors take legal action against you.

8-steps to escaping a bad debt situation

  • Contact Freedom Debt Counsellors and provide them with your basic financial information
  • If your debt counsellor finds you to be overindebted, complete a formal application and return this to them
  • Freedom Debt Counsellors will contact your creditors and the credit bureaus to inform them that you are applying for debt review
  • All your creditors will send a CoB to let your debt counsellor know the details of your various outstanding debts
  • Your counsellors determine how much you can repay, overall towards your debts
  • A repayment plan is created and your creditors are informed of this proposal if they agree it is finalised
  • It's then made an order of court
  • You are then required to make one repayment a month until all your debt has been paid off. You’ll be issued a clearance certificate upon settlement.

They’re located in Weltvreden Park in Gauteng but are able to serve you regardless of where you live.

Get a free call-back in 2 hours or less

Freedom Debt Counsellors proudly offer a 2-hour call-back guarantee. So if you contact them two hours or more before the end of the business day, Monday to Friday, they’ll call you back, for free. To secure this call back simply fill out their online callback form.

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  • P.O. Box 2519, Wilropark, 1731, South Africa

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