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Gauteng Debt Counselling

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About Gauteng Debt Counselling

Gauteng Debt Counselling is registered with the National Credit Regulator and has been in operation for over 10 years.

Their experience coupled with their professionalism and dedication to customers has made them one of the most trusted and successful debt counselling companies.

They’re members of DCASA and are so respected in the industry that they’ve appeared in numerous newspaper articles and have spoken at events.

POPI compliance debt counsellors

Gauteng Debt Counselling is one of the only debt review service providers that clearly state that they’re POPI compliant. This means that they’ll safeguard your personal information and never release it to a third party.

Systems to support the process

Debt review must follow a strict process that is time-bound. To ensure success Gauteng Debt Counselling follows a stringent schedule and process provided by leading systems providers.

An excellent track record

Gauteng Debt Counselling is proud of its excellent track-record and stellar customer reviews. If you want to partner with a leading debt counselling agency that has the knowledge, experience, and systems in place to lead you to become debt free, they’re a fine option.

They know how to negotiate with creditors to ensure you receive the maximum fee and interest cuts possible and end up with a more affordable repayment overall.

An alternative to debt administration

They’re proud to offer you an alternative to sequestration and administration; debt review that leverages leading systems and is controlled by an experienced debt counsellor.

Hyphen - a payment distribution agency

Payment Distribution Agencies collect money from people who are under debt review and pay their creditors.

Gauteng Debt Counselling makes use of a reliable and trusted Payment Distribution Agency (PDA) called Hyphen. Your single monthly repayment towards your debt will be made to this agency who will then distribute the money to your creditors according to the repayment schedule.

Gauteng Debt Counselling Services

Gauteng Debt Counselling offers debt review services across South Africa. They’ve successfully assisted thousands of people and can use their expertise to help you too.

Their main objective is to provide you with an accurate analysis of your financial situation to decide whether or not you qualify and will benefit from debt review.

How does debt review work?

Debt review is a legal process that was introduced by the National Credit Act and serves to help you resolve serious debt issues. If you cannot afford to continue making your debt repayments and are over-indebted, you may qualify.

Gauteng Debt Counselling will ask you to complete a free assessment on their website. Once this is done they will evaluate your income and debts and decide whether or not you qualify for debt counselling.

They will contact your credit providers and negotiate new repayments on your outstanding loans. Once approved, this plan becomes an order of the court.

Why choose debt counselling

Debt counselling will help you get out of debt in a slow, manageable way that takes your living expenses into account. It’ll also protect your assets and prevent your home, vehicle, and even furniture.

While it’s not ideal for everyone if you’re struggling to keep up with repayments because you simply have too much debt, are paying loads of interest and fees to multiple creditors, and want peace of mind, this is the ideal solution.

When to apply for debt counselling?

You should apply for debt counselling only if you are struggling to afford your debt repayments and have even missed a few payments.

If you have defaulted on loans and have received a Letter of Demand you have twenty days to contact a debt counsellor and begin the process.

Gauteng Debt Counselling – Debt Counselling

  • Loan Type Debt Review

Benefits of Gauteng Debt Counselling

  • Lower interest rates
  • Restructured debt
  • Free debt assessment
  • One affordable monthly repayment
  • Improve your credit score

The process of debt review with Gauteng Debt Counselling

You’ll need to make a repayment from the beginning of the first month, according to the restructured budget.

Gauteng Debt Counselling will be working in the background to make the plan an order of the court. You won’t have to appear in court as they will take care of the entire process.

  1. You must complete an application online or telephonically so that Gauteng Debt Counselling can determine whether you’re indebted
  2. If you're over-indebted, you will complete a formal debt review application and your creditors will be informed that you have applied for a debt review
  3. Your debts are restricted and negotiation with your creditors takes place. You'll immediately begin making one monthly repayment
  4. An attorney is appointed to make the restructured budget an order of the court
  5. Once you’ve repaid your debts in full you will be issued a clearance certificate

Applying for credit while under debt review

When you opt for debt review you’ll no longer be able to apply for credit. This applies to both creditors you’ve used in the past and new ones.

This is because the credit bureaus will be informed of the situation and this will be registered on your credit profile.

How long does debt review take?

This will depend on how much debt you have and how much you pay towards that debt on a monthly basis.

The maximum period that one can stay under debt review is 60 months, so you can expect to be debt-free sooner.

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