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About Debt Care

For over more than 12 years, Debt Care has fostered solid business relationships with the National Credit Regulator, Intuitive (IFE) and Intuitive Payment Distribution Agency (IPDA).

This simply means that the entire debt counselling process at Debt Care is performed with expertise and ease.

Their collaborations with some of the big South African banks ensure you receive a careful review of fees and interest rates on all your outstanding debts.

Debt Care’s mission

Debt Care’s mission is simple. To get you out of debt in a safe and fast way. If you’re drowning in debt, and finding it hard to meet your monthly commitments, they can help. They’ll consolidate all your debt repayments into one payment arrangement, so you can be free from debt.

Why choose Debt Care

  • Debt Care helps its clients in seven official languages.
  • They’re regarded as one of South Africa’s leading debt solutions companies.
  • Since 2008, they’ve managed to help more than 15000 people to break free from debt.
  • They have 50+ years of industry experience.
  • A relatively high percentage of their clients (95%) are liberated from debt.
  • They’ve won an award at the 2021 Debt Review Awards.
  • Debt Care team consists of experienced and qualified debt counsellors.
  • Their debt experts treat every case with distinctive quality and fresh perspective.

World-class partners

  • Intuitive PDA
  • IPDA
  • Capitec Bank
  • Old Mutual Bank

These top 4 companies are already in a league of their own in the financial landscape, which should put you at ease.

Debt Care Services

6 step-by-step instructions followed during Debt Care’s debt review process

Debt Care will give you a professional debt counsellor, who’ll assist you throughout the debt review process.

Complete the assessment

Here you’ll need to complete the online application and provide your ID document, proof of income, proof of address and your list of expenses. People married in Community of Property, both need to complete the application and provide the above documents.

Finances are reviewed

Immediately after sending your documents, your assigned Debt Care counsellor reviews your finances. This includes how much your expenses amount to, how much you receive in a month, and what you’re left with after all these deductions.

Welcome on board

You’re officially welcomed as a Debt Care client. This is where Debt Care lets your credit providers and credit bureaus know that you’re officially under debt review.

One affordable payment every month

Debt counsellors at Debt Care have one primary purpose, and that’s to minimise your stress.

They do this by designing an affordable payment arrangement, as well as by negotiating with your creditors for low-cost rates and terms.

Almost at the finish line

This step is handled by their professional attorneys, who apply for you in court, making your payment arrangement a court order.

Congratulations, your credit is cleared

At the tail end of the process, you're rewarded with a clearance certificate.

This simply means your debt is wiped off, and you’re now a free agent who can be granted credit again.

Debt Care – Debt Counselling

  • Loan Type Debt Review

Benefits of Debt Care

  • Reduced debt repayments
  • Get lower interest rates
  • Protect your assets
  • Become debt free

Save time and effort by using Debt Care’s useful document checklist

Check to see if you tick all the listed items below

  • A copy of your South African I.D/passport must be attached to your application forms. In the event that you’re married in Community of Property, you’ll also need to attach your spouse’s documents. It’s not compulsory to have these documents certified.
  • A copy of your latest payslip should be attached to your application forms. This should not be older than 3 months.
  • Your most recent proof of residence should also be attached to your application forms. Ensure that the documents you provide include your name and address.
  • If this applies to you, a copy of your marriage certificate should be attached alongside your application documents.
  • A copy of the ante-nuptial agreement, if this applies to you.

Extra bonuses you get from debt counselling

  • No more excessive worry over-indebtedness.
  • Say goodbye to threats from your creditors.
  • You no longer have to fear being blacklisted.
  • No more being rejected at various stores.

What’s the secret to Debt Care’s debt restructuring

Firstly, their debt counsellors are granted permission to access your personal credit information. It’s only a debt counsellor who’s allowed to prolong your repayment structure and minimise your interest rate, leading to a more budget-friendly monthly instalment.

Debt counsellors at Debt Care provide you with financial assistance and advice throughout the entire debt review process. They’ll negotiate and handle your creditors.

A few important things to remember

Ensure that all your application forms are fully completed. Once you’re part of the Debt Care family, you’re no longer supposed to be harassed by creditors. Should this happen, you’ll need to quickly inform your appointed debt counsellor to resolve this dilemma for you right away.

Both spouses should apply jointly if they’re married in Community of Property. Immediately go to your nearest bank and open a new savings account with a recognised financial institution of your choice. Then, arrange with your employer to have your salary paid into this new account.

Debt Care helps you effectively manage your debt

By signing up for debt review with Debt Care, your debt counsellor will devise an effective Debt Management Plan for you that places your financial needs into consideration. A Debt Management Plan of this nature features important outlines such as how you can minimise any debt.

By sticking to the guidelines of this plan, as well as being assisted by Debt Care’s debt counsellor, you can regain any power you lost over your finances within a time frame of two to five years.

Join in on Debt Care’s success stories

You can be part of the 95% of people whom Debt Care has lent a hand in reducing their debt. They’ve mentioned that their company's success is strongly tied to their professional debt counsellors, who offer debt relief through personal care and attention.

Debt Care Contact

Physical Address

  • Tijger Park 3, Tijger Park Service Road, Bellville Cape Town Western Cape 7530 South Africa
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Opening Hours

  • Monday 08:00 – 17:00
  • Tuesday 08:00 – 17:00
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