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About Debt Restruct

Debt Restruct believes in serving its people. Their three core values are compassion, integrity, and efficiency. This drives them to go out of their way to relieve thousands of South Africans who find it hard to meet all their debt obligations.

Why you should choose Debt Restruct

Your financial concerns no longer have to bother you. Debt Restruct can help you create a better financial future for yourself that can surely improve your life.

Benefits of choosing Debt Restruct

  • Instant debt assistance
  • Reduced monthly instalments
  • You’ll be safe from legal action
  • Protection of your valuable goods
  • The capacity to effectively handle your living expenses

Debt Restruct’s rapid growth rate

Debt Restruct is increasingly becoming South Africa’s most sought-after debt review company. You’re guaranteed a desirable debt review experience from their team of elite debt advisors.

These experts ensure you receive optimal customer care in an honest and efficient manner. Their confidentiality policy ensures that your debt review status remains private.

Lowest rates on the market

Debt Restruct has been around for many years. This puts them in a position of trust in the industry and ensures that they’re able to comfortably work with credit providers.

This ensures that they’re able to negotiate the lowest rates on your credit agreements. When you’re offered reduced repayments, this helps your lower your debt instalments so you have extra cash to cover expenses.

Simple and fast service

If you’re a person who loves fast responses and no-delay service, then you’ll appreciate how quick and easy Debt Restruct’s service is. Their free online assessment is simple and easy to navigate.

Debt Restruct Services

Debt Restruct asks you easy-to-understand questions to get a clear picture of your financial situation.

To check if you qualify, these are some questions you should expect from their online questionnaire:

  1. Which of the listed debts are you struggling to repay?
  2. How many days behind are you with your payments?
  3. Do you know your credit rating?
  4. What’s your employment status?
  5. Which language do you prefer?
  6. How much do you owe?
  7. What’s your net salary?
  8. Are you under debt review?

Get back to managing your finances

Based on your answers, you could score a congratulations message that can put you back into the driver’s seat of your finances. This will help you free up extra money for living expenses, protect your valuables and loved ones, ward off nagging creditors, discard bankruptcy and have a healthy credit record.

Three ways to determine if you qualify

  1. 1st step is to complete the online assessment which determines if you’re eligible for debt restructuring. Once you’re done, you’ll need to apply online.
  2. 2nd step is the negotiation step, which from start to end will be done by Debt Restruct’s professional debt counsellors, who will negotiate an affordable monthly agreement with your creditors.
  3. 3rd step - This is when you depart from debt for good. Once your debt has been cleared and paid. You’ll be awarded a clearance certificate confirming that you’ve settled all your outstanding debt.

Legal and financial aid

Debt Restruct lives up to its name, which is to restructure your debt, so you can be debt free. All their debt counsellors are registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR), meaning they’re qualified to offer legal and financial assistance to over-indebted South African consumers.

Debt Restruct – Debt Counselling

  • Loan Type Debt Review

Benefits of Debt Restruct

  • Reduce your debt
  • Free debt assesment
  • Simple online application

A fast breakdown of the steps involved in debt restructuring

  1. Check to see if you meet the eligibility by contacting Debt Restruct.
  2. Compile all your important financial documents and liaise with Debt Restruct’s debt counsellor for assessment and application.
  3. Credit bureaus and creditors are informed of your request for debt review.
  4. A debt counsellor from Debt Restruct negotiates new payment arrangements and receives approval for a new restructured repayment plan.
  5. Once your under-debt review, payments are reduced and protected.
  6. A clearance certificate is handed over to you by your debt counsellor along with the removal of your debt review status once you’ve completed the process.

Can being under debt review affect my spouse?

This is highly reliant on the kind of marriage contract that you and your spouse fall under. If you’re married in a Community of Property, then you and your spouse are mutually responsible for your debt. This can be a beneficial process, as it looks to reduce the overall sum of the debt repayment of your assets.

Conversely, if you’re married Out of the Community of Property or with an Ante-Nuptial Contract (ANC), you can proceed ahead with the debt review process as a sole individual, meaning your spouse won’t be affected at all.

Does being under debt review with Debt Restruct impact your credit record

Being under debt review with Debt Restruct won’t badly impact your credit. As a matter of fact, while you’re undergoing Debt Restruct’s debt review, your instalment is simplified and reduced to assist you to maintain a healthy payment record.

While under debt review, you’re protected by the National Credit Act, which always has your back. Your goal is to make sure you stick to the payment arrangement organized by your debt counsellor, as one missed payment can signal bad things for you.

Remember, your debt review status is reflected at the credit bureaus. Once you’ve completed the whole debt review process, the credit bureau gets notified and any record associated with debt review is discarded from your profile in 24 to 48 hours.

Debt Restruct’s cost for being under debt review

You might be asking yourself, what are the costs of being under debt review? The National Credit Regulator oversees the fees of all debt counsellors. To remove much anxiety and stress, disbursements and fees are attached as one package as your low monthly repayment, which leads to you concentrating on lowering your debt.

How is Debt Restruct uplifting South Africans

Debt Restruct has compiled a blog that can be useful for many South Africans looking for tips, advice, and strategies to gain financial freedom. This information is highly valuable for many South Africans who are already battling with widespread financial illiteracy.

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