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About Pay Plan Solutions

Pay Plan Solutions dedicates its time, attention, and effort to make consumers feel secure about their financial future.

Regardless of your financial needs, Pay Plan Solutions will do all it can to get you back on your feet, so you can recover from all your financial problems. Pay Plan Solutions ensures that its entire process is conducted in an honest and fair manner.

A memorable and special customer interaction

To ease their consumers’ minds, they present their NCR certificate to every consumer who requests for it. The debt review process has received some backlash from so many people who don’t fully understand how it works. Pay Plan Solutions looks to change this by giving their consumers a memorable and special customer interaction from the beginning till the end.

What special characteristics does Pay Plan Solutions have?

Pay Plan Solutions have been in the debt review business since early 1999 and are registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR). Eugene Cilliers, their director, is a viable member of the Debt Counsellor’s Association of South Africa (DCASA) which is a professional and voluntary body that represents registered Debt Counsellors in South Africa.

Pay Plan Solutions follows a strict code of conduct policy which makes their debt review process as easy as possible. Adhering to these strict codes of conduct measures gives them authority over all important elements of their consumers, which as a result allows them to hand over applications to the National Consumer Tribunal instead of submitting to court.

A number of accolades under their name

What’s impressive about Pay Plan Solutions is that in 2019, they took the number one spot at the Debt Review Awards. They’ve later gone on to score themselves a number of accolades under their name.

Get out of debt faster with Pay Plan Solutions

With a clear goal in mind of making all their consumers gain back financial freedom, their tag line ‘pay smarter to get out of debt faster’, is self-explanatory. This simply means to get out of debt faster, all you need is their smart debt review solution and to pay your debt consistently.

Pay Plan Solutions Services

If you’re currently headhunting for how to get back to being financially sound.

With Pay Plan Solutions, you can be awarded free resources to keep your head above water. What’s included as free resources are the likes of a loan calculator and a free e-book.

The e-book includes tips on how to improve your credit score, ways which can assist credit providers to grant you a loan, and how you can lower interest and rates.

Pay Plan Solutions made it their mission to create innovative solutions that would have a big impact on their consumers.

These are the categories they cater for

  • Couples who were under Community of Property - Pay Plan Solutions are aware that so many couples who were married and now divorced can be stuck in an endless debt loop due to their previous marital status. If your spouse’s debts have contributed to you not being granted any credit, Pay Plan Solutions can help you out in this regard.
  • Consumers who have businesses - The business rescue strategy formulated by Pay Plan Solutions works for certain organizations and entities under particular conditions. If your business is overwhelmed with debt, the Pay Plan Solution team has a tailor-made solution that can adapt to your situation.
  • Corporate employee financial awareness - There are so many staff members who instead of concentrating on work, their anxiety levels are up, every month end due to their debts. Pay Plan Solutions offers free and confidential over-the-phone support to staff who require advice on how to manage their debt. This package includes a free credit report and score. They work with the organization's human resource department to investigate if any employee financial wellness training is needed.

The best choice when all others have failed

In Pay Plan Solutions' experience, the last viable option for a person who’s attacked with so much debt is the company at which they work at. Many people might try to even work long hours and come in during the weekend, leaving them tired and worn out to even function properly at work.

Luckily, Pay Plan Solutions always has a plan by which consumers can settle outstanding debts. If all other methods have only let you down, the best way to be financially free lies with Pay Plan Solutions.

Pay Plan Solutions – Debt Counselling

  • Loan Type Debt Review

Benefits of Pay Plan Solutions

  • Debt management
  • Reduced interest rates
  • Affordable repayment plans

Quick and easy online application with Pay Plan Solution

Pay Plan Solutions has created five quick and easy steps that their consumers can follow as part of their debt review process.

You can consolidate all your loans into one simple payment arrangement.

Here’s how it works

  1. You’ll need to complete their free assessment. Ensure all important details are filled in while using their online form.
  2. You get accurate balances about your account and cease all legal action taken against you. It is extremely important to get all relevant information about your credit report
  3. A new, easy-to-manage repayment plan is designed for you. This is when the debt review team at Pay Plan Solutions reduces the interest rates and ensures your payment period is extended. Pay Plan Solutions only uses the best procedures in the industry.
  4. A single reduced payment every month which cancels all other debit orders you had in place.
  5. Remove all bad information on your credit report, which in turn can greatly improve your credit score.

If 3 or more of the below apply to you, then it’s time for you to get back your finances in order and consider going under debt review with Pay Plan Solutions

  • If you’ve been meaning to settle all your outstanding debt, Pay Plan Solutions can restructure your debt into one simple payment.
  • Choosing to go under debt review with Pay Plan Solutions can improve your credit score and remove all negative information under your name
  • If you’ve been making plans to increase the amount of cash, you’ve for everyday expenses.
  • Seeking for a fast way to escape the debt trap you’re stuck in.
  • Plan to protect all your valuable goods.
  • Get back to good financial standing.

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