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Debt Fresh

  • Full Legal Protection
  • Lower Interest Rates
  • Affordable Monthly Repayments

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About Debt Fresh

Debt Fresh is a leading South African company that offers professional debt counselling.

They’re committed to assisting you in regaining financial stability. From expert debt advice to dealing with your creditors, their team of respected and registered debt counsellors is ready to assist you.

The country’s leading debt solutions providers

Credit Providers recently named Debt Fresh the best debt review company in South Africa. Over the past decade, thousands of customers have placed their confidence in them.

Through debt review, Debt Fresh can reorganise your debt repayments to fit your budget, give you the necessary time to get back on track, and, ultimately, alleviate your debt. Debt Fresh will assist you through the entire process.

Benefits that Debt Fresh offer:

  • Interest rates are reduced
  • Your assets are protected
  • Make a single, manageable payment each month

How Debt Fresh can help you

In South Africa, getting credit used to be simple. Financial institutions would gladly provide people with the finances they needed to live a comfortable life.

Over 9 million South Africans were in a serious financial predicament as a result of the economic recession and so many people became trapped in debt.

Whether your debt feels overwhelming and you’re unable to make your payments each month or you’re in a position where you require financial assistance, debt consolidation and debt review are available to you through Debt Fresh.

Debt Fresh Services

Debt Fresh doesn’t loan money to you and they don’t offer an immediate debt relief solution.

Instead, Debt Fresh offers long-term results that will keep you away from future debt by offering you the solution of making only one low-cost payment per month toward your consolidated debt.

Finding the best solutions for you

By devising a comprehensive strategy for repaying your debt within your means, Debt Fresh will assist you in getting rid of all of your debt. You'll be able to alleviate that feeling of helplessness when it comes to the topic of your finances.

Professional assistance

Debt Fresh will work with a team of experts to reorganise your debt so you’re able to comfortably sustain the life you've always wanted. They’ll get you started on the journey to financial independence if you apply today.

Journey to becoming financially free

Debt Fresh provides a step-by-step approach to getting out of debt because they are experts in debt management.

As a result, they’ll assist you in achieving a situation in which you pay only one manageable payment each month and will shield you from any legal issues related to your debt situation.

No need to worry about your private information

Debt Fresh is aware that you require your situation to be handled with confidentiality. Debt Fresh promises to continuously protect your personal information and they guarantee that it won’t be shared with any third parties or individuals.

Use Debt Fresh’s debt calculator

Debt Fresh offers their clients an opportunity to analyse their debt situation by making use of the debt calculator on their website. Debt Fresh will work out an improved payment plan for your debt as soon as you have entered your debt amounts into their online calculator.

Debt Fresh – Debt Counselling

  • Loan Type Debt Review

Benefits of Debt Fresh

  • Calculate your new debt instalment
  • Lower interest rate on existing debt
  • Protect your assets with full legal protection

Debt Fresh's process of applying for debt review

Before applying for debt review you can get an overview of your debt situation using the Debt Fresh calculator on their website.

You’ll be asked to enter the debt amounts for your current home loans, vehicle finance, personal loans, cash loans, credit cards and furniture accounts. These figures are the current amounts that you pay each month and not the outstanding debt amounts.

The numbers that are entered need to be correct in order to give you the most accurate results when using the calculator.

You’ll then be given results of how much money you are currently paying towards your debt, what you could be paying (significantly less) as well as your total savings if you choose to allow Debt Fresh to assist you with your debt.

Once you’ve seen your possible savings, Debt Fresh asks you if you’d like more assistance with your debt and this begins the application process.

Is debt review right for you?

For your initial evaluation, get in touch with Debt Fresh. This can be done via a call, an email, a WhatsApp message or using the live chat on the Debt Fresh website. Ensure that you have all of your supporting documentation ready to send to them.

They’ll use this information to determine whether you are eligible for a debt review. After that, they’ll get in touch with you to talk about your payment plan and what being under debt review entails.

Debt Fresh will make a proposal for you and check and evaluate your given information, and then they’ll negotiate a repayment amount with your creditors at a lower fee that covers your unsettled debt.

Debt Fresh will notify all of your creditors that you’re undergoing a debt review and they’ll be given a legal document, which will keep creditors from harassing you every month about repayment. Before Debt Fresh concludes your contract, they’ll also negotiate reduced terms for your repayment with each creditor.

Your new monthly repayment to your PDA

After that, Debt Fresh will provide you with a new budget and payment structure. At a lower payment rate, each payment will be divided between all of your creditors. A Payment Distribution Agency will collect the payment from you each month on the same day using a debit order until your debt has cleared and has been paid back completely.

Within two days of receiving your application, Debt Fresh will process it. In addition, depending on how quickly your creditors respond when contacted by Debt Fresh, they will reorganise your instalments with them within just 60 days.

Requirements for applying for debt review

  • A copy of your identity document (South African ID)
  • Your payslip (the most recent one)
  • If you and your spouse split the costs, your marriage certificate will be required
  • Documents from creditors and all notices received from them

Debt Fresh Contact

Physical Address

  • 91 Mangold St, Newton Park Port Elizabeth Eastern Cape 6055 South Africa
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Opening Hours

  • Monday 08:00 – 16:30
  • Tuesday 08:00 – 16:30
  • Wednesday 08:00 – 16:30
  • Thursday 08:00 – 16:30
  • Friday 08:00 – 16:30
  • Saturday 08:00 – 13:00
  • Sunday – Closed